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10 New color-blocking combos we love

Sport new color-blocking mixes this fall with these 10 new ideas.

Kendall Jenner

Color blocking takes a turn for the more subdued this season. Instead of thinking the crazier, the better, reserve a little and don’t overdo the weirder color combos. This season is all about being a bit relaxed and toned down. Here are 10 new colors you just have to try.


Camel and cobalt

Color blocking Camel

Color blocking colbalt

Sounds like it won’t work, right? Just try a camel-colored coat with a slight pop of cobalt underneath and watch how well they complement each other.


Black, tan and soft pink

Color blocking black
Color blocking tan
Color blocking pink

It’s a little punk and very stylish when that pink really pops!


Army green and neon

Color blocking army green

Color blocking Neon yellow

Army green is such a hot hue for fall, so to offset an all-green outfit, a punch of neon is all it takes to make it really stand out.


Purple and orange

Color blocking purple

Color blocking orange

Mixing this duo half and half will work well. Pick one color for the top, the other for the bottom, and you’ll totally rock this color block.


Cobalt and dark red

Color blocking Colbalt

Color blocking Dark red

The brightness of cobalt paired with a dark shade of red makes it look less 4th of July and more appropriate for cooler months.


Mustard and orange

Color blocking Mustard

Color blocking orange

Sounds unappetizing, but try it on and let it grow on you. It’s actually a flattering pairing!


Purple and pink

Color blocking light purple

Color blocking light pink

It’s sweet and girly without being too much. Keep the colors soft, not harsh and bold, for a great effect.


Neon with navy

Color blocking neon yellow

Color blocking Navy blue

Throw a splash of neon to a navy outfit for a modern effect.


Neon with a graphic print

Color Blocking Neon green

Color Blocking graphic print

So it’s not two colors, but wearing a cool graphic print pant with a brightly colored neon sweater or coat is just the kind of bang the colder months need.


Army green and pink

Color blocking army green

Color blocking pink

Keep on that green trend and pair army green with a soft pink for a pretty meeting ground.

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