How to make flannel flirty

Flannel doesn’t always translate to flirty. But follow these tips and your shirts will go worlds further.

 Troian Bellisario

Flannel shirts may evoke something like farming, country music and yard work — probably not major fashion statements.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to step up your flannel to look flirty and fabulous, and not yard-work drab. All it takes is some thoughtful styling, artful accessories and good old-fashioned creativity to transform your look.

For your classic no-frills flannel shirt, the right jeans and accessories will make the look.

Pair with high-waisted shorts

Flaunting your legs and showing some skin brings out a flirty touch, and to complete the look, tuck in your flannel and roll up the sleeves to get that Daisy Duke vibe that just oozes sexuality. Or, of course, tie the bottom ends in a knot high up on your stomach to expose some skin and instantly transform yourself into Daisy herself. Another option is to wear a tight tank tucked into short jean shorts, and wear your oversized flannel unbuttoned and hanging loose around you. Even though the shirt is draped around your body, a flirtiness is still there from the tight shorts and tank.

It’s all about the styling

Pile on stacks of thin bracelets and a dainty necklace with a delicate chain. Pop the collar up and leave the first button or two unfastened. Pull your hair in a loose ponytail or bun, and you’ll evoke a flirty vibe in your simple, laid-back attitude. Wearing the shirt with tight white jeans also takes the flirty level to new heights with the simple classiness of the look.

To buy flannels with a flirty edge already packaged in, look for shirts with metallic sheens and girly cuts.

  • A tank top with delicate shoulder details (studs, cutouts) exaggerates the dainty portion of your body and makes the flannel look less aggressive.
  • Leather detail along the shoulders of a flannel shirt — or over the chest pockets — gives it a sophisticated spin that looks so chic it can translate into appropriate wear for nights out.
  • And the ultimate in flirty flannels? A full flannel romper with little ruffles along the waistband! Nothing screams flirtier than that!

To be flirty in flannel, avoid

  • High-waisted, oversized jeans
  • Cowboy boots (opt for something daintier, like heels or sandals)
  • Cowboy hats (show off your hair so it doesn’t look like you’re taking a midday break from the field)

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