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10 Cute laundry-sorting bins for kids

If you want to get your kids to start putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, make sorting their laundry more fun! With some cute laundry sorters, your kids may be more inspired to clean up their clothes.


Ribbit, ribbit

Frog hamper

Have an amphibian lover in your family? Hop on over to Target and pick up this adorable kelly green collapsible hamper for kids ($19). Kids can toss their dirties into its giant froggy mouth.


This room’s a zoo!

Monkey hamper

Want your kids to stop monkeying around and put their dirty laundry away? Then give them the proper receptacle like this darling monkey hamper from Skip Hop ($20). It has handles for toting it to the laundry room when it’s time to run a load. When not in use, the hamper packs flat. Also available in ladybug and owl themes.

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Rattan baskets

Rattan hampers

Stock up on a few of these classic white rattan laundry baskets with gingham fabric lining and handled lid ($80) to help kids learn the art of sorting their dirty clothes into white, bright and dark loads. Available through Pottery Barn Kids, the hamper liners can be customized with your children’s names as well as color choice.


Sort it out

Mega sorter hamper

The Land of Nod’s canvas mega sorter ($49) divides into three sections — perfect for teaching your kids to separate their dirty clothes into whites, brights and darks. Leather handles on the sides make for easy transport, and the container folds flat when not in use. Available in a variety of colors.

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Take a bite out of laundry day

Alligator pop-up hamper

If your kids think sorting laundry is a crock… well, give ’em one! The Original Bongo Bag Alligator Pop Up Hamper ($33) is a seriously cute way to add decoration plus functionality to any kid’s bedroom or bathroom.


Ma! Ma! I sorted the laundry

Goat tote

This laundry tote by 3 Sprouts ($25), with an adorable polka-dot goat emblazoned on the front, is perfect for the wildlife lover in your family. It easily wipes off to clean and folds flat when not in use. Deer and polar bear options are available as well — but come on, who doesn’t love a polka-dot goat?!


Clothes in Toyland

Wicker house hamper

This quintessential wicker laundry bin by Gift Mark ($64) is almost too cute to serve such a practical purpose. We said almost. The bin’s compact size makes it the perfect starter sorter for preschoolers learning to put their dirty clothes away. It is pricier than most sorters, but the cuteness factor more than makes up for the cost.


Fly away, dirty clothes

Butterfly hamper

All girly girls will love this winged friend to help them sort their dirty laundry. The bin size of Honey-Can-Do’s Blossom the Butterfly Hamper ($23) is ideal for large loads, and the darling design makes it the perfect addition to your daughter’s bathroom or bedroom. And at that price, it’s a bargain butterfly to boot!

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Go bold

Bold green hamper

Bring some brightness to laundry day with this unique round hamper from Lamont Home ($40). We love its lime green hue and round shape, but you can mix it up with orange and red as well as other shapes like squares and rectangles. The PVC/polyester–blend construction and plastic frame make this hamper strong and durable — perfect for a teenager’s room, perhaps?


Make sorting a hoot

Owl laundry bag

This gray laundry bag with blue owl ($6) is so cute, and the portable bag makes toting dirty clothes to the laundry room a breeze. At that price, you can buy one for each load (whites, brights and darks) and have your children sort their dirty clothes into the appropriate bag before bringing them to the laundry room.

Did you know?

Teaching your kids responsibility at a young age helps them develop independence and confidence, so think of teaching them to sort laundry as a character-building activity!

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