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20 Crazy ways to light up your backyard

Find the perfect light fixture for your outdoor landscape. Featuring 10 DIY projects and 10 products you can purchase, you’re bound to find the right lighting for your backyard fun.


Hula hoop chandelier

Hula Hoop Chandelier

Photo credit: DizzYmaiden

Using a painted hula hoop, a few strings of icicle lights and black electrical tape, you can have a magnificent lighting piece for your backyard. Perfect for summer nights or to add pizzazz to your backyard hot cocoa cuddle sessions, this is an awesome backdrop to relax under.


Glowing Mason jars

Glowing Mason Jars

Photo credit: Christina at Intimate Weddings

Save money on electrical bills by adding lighting that can sparkle without an outlet. Grab a few Mason jars from your local craft store or upcycle old spaghetti jars, put on some safety glasses and break out (literally) the glow sticks. Lasting about an hour, they are a short but easy way to light up an outdoor space.


Mason jar lamps

Mason Jar Lamps

Photo credit: Woon Blog

Another great use of Mason jars is to turn them into awesome lamps for your backyard landscape. Using a hammer, a nail, a lamp socket and an impressive-looking bulb, these are a simple DIY project that possesses a lot of beauty to light your space.


Mason jar chandelier

Mason Jar Chandelier

Photo credit: The Great Indoors

Mason jars are still a popular DIY object of affection, and we can certainly see why. Another Mason jar fixture is this chandelier made with a wood pallet and candles. It’s a decorative and perfect way to burn your nights away.


Outdoor solar lamps

Outdoor Solar Lamps

Photo credit: Our Garden Path

Solve any unneeded stress about electricity when it comes to outdoor lighting by adding solar. Using hooks and wire baskets, the solar light is fixed in the middle to add perfect lighting to backyard relaxing.


Waxed paper lantern

Wax Paper Lantern

Photo credit: Make the Best of Things

Add instant twinkle to outdoor decor with the use of any ol’ lantern. Add a string of lights and waxed paper fit to each side of the fixture, and you’ve got a fun way to light up your life.


Cupcake lights

Cupcake Lights

Photo credit: Camilla Fabbri at Family Chic

Made by adding cutesy cupcake holders to light strands, this is a unique and creative way to add light to your outdoor space. As mentioned in the blog, use caution when adding the liners to ensure there is no direct contact with the paper and the bulb, and turn the lights off when you’re not around.


Rustic branch chandelier

Rustic Branch Chandelier

Photo credit: Melody from Crafty Butt

Inspired by a $2,800 chandelier from Rustic Designs, blogger Melody from Crafty Designs made her very own using dried branches, electrical wires and light bulbs. Saving herself a few thousand dollars, Melody made a beautiful piece for indoor or outdoor lighting.


Bicycle & beer bottle chandelier

Bicycles & Beer Bottle Chadelier

Photo credit: flyingpuppy at Instructables

Upcycle your outdoor decor using beer bottles and old bicycle parts. The maker states that no two chandeliers should be the same, as you can make any design you want with any used parts lying around the house or junkyard. The essential party staple, this chandelier is a great addition to any backyard porch rave.


Solar-powered chandelier

Solar Powered Chandelier

Photo credit: Tammy at Not Just Paper and Glue

With an upcycled chandelier, you can create an awesome light addition without any electricity. Using solar-powered bulbs, Tammy at Not Just Paper and Glue was able to add a shabby chic light to her garden.

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