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Working mom’s guide to makeup

Moms who work outside the home have probably been there — trying to look polished for an important meeting while making sure lunches are made or the baby doesn’t spit up on your suit. Can you really look fabulous in 10 minutes or less and get out the door in time? Yes, you can!

Woman applying makeup

Annalise Kaylor, a Makeup Artist in Chicago shares 5 tips for how to look fabulous and get out the door in time, too.

1Save time by sticking with essentials

The key to looking polished in ten minutes or less is to have a basic routine as a building block, and set realistic expectations,” says Kaylor. “For example, a ten-minute routine can easily fit a foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara. And, if time permits, add an eye color or two. But having that go-to routine with colors that are neutral and match everything will save a ton of time during the morning rush.”

2Make it last

“When choosing long-lasting makeup, it’s important to pay attention to skin type to get the best results,” Kaylor explains. “Powder foundations will last the longest on combination and oily skin,because they control shine and adhere to the additional oil. But creams will be better on dry skin types, because they keep the skin hydrated and fresh for a longer period of time. Sheer lipsticks are the easiest to blend and match, but fade a lot faster than their heavily pigmented satin and matte counterparts.”

3Love your look

“Don’t try a new look when you’re short on time,” Kaylor explains. “For example, a ten-minute time slot isn’t the time to try out the season’s latest take on the smokey eye. Know what you can accomplish and how long it will realistically take to do it. Not only will you look better, but you’ll be far less frustrated, too.” Kaylor also recommends paying attention to how your makeup works not only for your face, but overall appearance. “A bare face looks even more tired and worn next to a crisp white shirt. Use a little color for an instant pick-me-up on days that are the most frazzled.”

4A little goes a long way

Kaylor recommends products that do double duty. “A sheer lipstick can double as a creamy blush, for a soft and subtle glow,” she explains. “A chestnut brown eyeshadow works overtime as an eyeliner, and can be used in several ways to go from the office to out on the town.”

5Choose one go-to product

“If there is only one thing a busy mom should put on, it would be curling the eyelashes and adding a coat of mascara,” says Kaylor. “The curler opens the eye, giving the illusion of being more alert, awake, and having larger, more expressive eyes.”

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