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How to manage straight hair in windy weather

Windy air, whether hot or cold, can damage your hair. Or at the very least, it can ruin your hairstyle. If you are dealing with windy weather, consider one of these simple hairstyles to keep your straight hair looking great.

Woman with ponytail in windy weather

French braid

You can’t go wrong with a French braid. It’s elegant and sophisticated, yet it can be worn from almost any occasion. From the office to a night out, not even windy weather will mess up a French braid.

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Low ponytail

For long, straight hair, slick back your tresses with hair cream or pomade and secure your ponytail low on the back of your neck. For a more casual version of the low ponytail, you can wear it a little looser and toward one side.

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Heidi braids

Crown braids and Heidi (Swiss) braids are braided and then wrapped around the head. Crown braids form a circle, while Heidi braids just go from each side up to the top of your head and around to the other side. These types of braids are an adorable way to keep your hair manageable in windy weather.

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Styling tips for windy weather

Deep conditioner – If your hair is subjected to wind and other harsh elements, use a deep conditioner once a week to hydrate, nourish and revive your hair.

A good night’s sleep – Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce frizziness, which is exacerbated by windy weather.

On-the-go style – Add some volume to your hair by pulling it into a high ponytail and spritzing it with styling spray. When you arrive to your destination, remove the ponytail and finger comb your hair into shape.

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