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How to manage straight hair in humid weather

Straight hair oftentimes becomes unruly in humid weather. If your hair is straight and fine, it can turn limp and lifeless. If it’s straight and thick, your hair can start to get frizzy. What’s a girl to do? Follow these hair tips and tricks to manage your straight hair no matter how humid it gets outside.

Woman with pixie cut

Lighten up

Hair can get oily in humid weather. Therefore, you may need to shampoo every day to keep it clean. Use a gentle shampoo that is designed for daily use to avoid build-up. In humid weather, you can take it easy on the conditioner. Switch to a lighter formula and use it only on the areas where your straight hair is its driest (usually the ends). Avoid using tons of styling products, which weigh your hair down.

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Use the head flip

For limp hair, pull it up in a ponytail high on the top of your head before leaving the house. After you arrive to your destination (but before walking in), take out the ponytail and tip forward, hanging your head upside down. Then brush through your hair with your fingers and flip back upright. This will add instant volume to your ‘do. Carry a little dry shampoo with you to use in case your hair gets oily or flat later in the day.

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Don’t frizz out

If your regularly-straight hair gets frizzy when the humidity rises, use a leave-in conditioner to smooth the cuticle and reduce the flyaways. When blow drying your hair, use a flat paddle brush and a diffuser to keep your hair as straight and silky as possible.

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Chop it off

Live in humid climate? Consider a short haircut. Short, straight hair is easy to manage. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge all the way to a pixie cut, gradually get shorter and shorter. For example, if you have shoulder-length or longer hair, a modified bob at chin level is a safe choice. Then at the time of your next haircut, you can decide if you want to go even shorter.

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