How to manage wavy hair in dry weather

When the weather is dry, your soft, silky waves may lose their luster. To restore and manage your wavy hair in arid conditions, follow these simple haircare tips and style ideas. Believe it or not, it’s easy to manage wavy hair in dry weather.

Woman with dry hairSeal in the moisture

When the weather is dry, it seems like the air sucks away all the moisture in your hair as soon as your step outside. If your wavy hair is starting to feel like straw, coconut oil (or even olive oil) may help. Work a very small amount of oil through your hair before bedtime and sleep in a shower cap. Don’t use too much or your hair will get greasy. You can also apply a little more in the morning after washing and conditioning your hair.

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Reduce the frizz

Thick, wavy hair can turn frizzy in dry weather. Reduce the frizzies and flyaways by using a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis. Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol, which dehydrates and damages your hair. Read the labels and purchase hair products that are formulated with vitamins and other nutrients aimed at smoothing the shaft. A number of brands have created anti-frizz serums, sprays and mousses.

Don’t straighten your hair

When the weather is dry, you want to avoid heated styling tools as much as possible. Don’t blow dry your hair straight or use a flat iron on a daily basis. Instead, enhance your waves by allow your hair to dry naturally. If you want your waves to be a little straighter, you can always use a straightening balm on damp hair and then allow it to air-dry. Brush through your hair with a flat paddle brush once it’s dry to smooth it down.

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