How to manage frizzy hair in humid weather

When the humidity rises, frizzy hair can get really out of control. Even hair that is normally tame can start to frizz out. But don’t fret; these simple steps will keep your hair looking its best even in the most humid weather.

Woman with frizzy hair and head wrap

Create a homemade conditioner

Frizzy hair is too dry. Keep it moisturized by deep conditioning once a week. And you don’t need to head to the salon for treatment; instead head to your kitchen and create a concoction from natural ingredients to keep your hair smooth, moisturized and healthy. Ingredients such as mayonnaise, eggs, avocado and banana will hydrate your hair and reduce frizziness. Olive oil can also do wonders. Saturate your hair in warm olive oil and put on a shower cap. Relax for 30-60 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and style as normal.

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Get the right cut

Avoid the razor. Razor or slide cutting will cause your hair to look even more frizzy. When choosing a hairstyle, pick one with long layers rather a blunt cut if your hair is frizzy and thick. You should also avoid short hairstyles with frizzy hair in a humid climate. The humidity will make your hair frizzy and poufy…not a good look with any length, but particularly with short hair.

Utilize hair accessories

On humid days, hair accessories can be your savior. Fortunately headbands and wraps are on trend, so you’ll look chic too. Use a leave-in conditioner to reduce the appearance of frizzies and smooth your hair cuticle. Then wear a headband to pull your hair away from your face in humid weather. Carry a small spray bottle with 3 parts water and one part leave-in conditioner. If you hair starts to frizz out during the day, give it a little spritz to keep it under control.

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