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Best hairstyles for long face shapes

Looking for the perfect hairstyle that flatters a long face? To help you find a cut that’s just right for you, we asked New York hairstylist and salon owner Paul Labrecque to sound off on what’s best for long face shapes.

Ashley Greene, Hilary Swank, Terri Hatcher

Your face is long if:

It’s shaped like a rectangle. Features of a long face are a square jaw and a square forehead.

The ideal cut should:

Make your face appear less boxy and more oval, the ideal face shape. Oval shape faces are wider at the cheeks and slightly tapered at the forehead and chin.

What looks best on long face shapes

Ask your stylist to create volume at the center of the face by cutting layers at the ear and cheekbones. This makes cheekbones appear wider and your face more oval. The overall length of your hair should fall below or above the chin so that the hairstyle doesn’t compete with your strong jaw line.

“Long hair styles look fabulous on long faces,” Labrecque says. Just be sure to add layers in the sweet spot – the cheekbones. If your hair is superlong, you can also start layers below the chin.

What to avoid

A haircut that ends at your chin. It draws the eye to the jaw, and would only accentuate the length and squared off features of a long face shape.

“A bob in this instance would definitely be out,” Labrecque says.

Trend to try

Bangs: They help shorten a long face shape because they cover the forehead. Ask for gentle, side-swept bangs – a universally flattering look. If you’re daring, a long face can pull off a blunt, severe fringe, too, Labrecque says.

If you’re always pulling your hair into a ponytail, a move that emphasizes the long shape, bangs are essential for balancing the look.

Need some inspiration?

Look to these celebrities with long face shapes…

Ashley Greene: “She’s got that perfect look for a longer face,” Labrecque says, pointing out the layers that hit at the cheekbones. “It gives a really nice widening to the face so it doesn’t look so long.”

Hilary Swank: If you’re a woman with a long face shape but you want a flattering short cut, take a cue from this star’s wispy, gamine look. The ends of the hair stay away from the danger zone – the chin – and the varying lengths keep the eye moving. Side swept bangs help to shorten the face, and layers hit perfectly at the cheekbone to mimic that ideal oval shape.

Teri Hatcher: Not a fan of layers around your face? Ask your stylist to start them below your chin, as Hatcher shows us here. Part your hair to the side and blow-dry with a round brush to give your hair softness, volume and movement.

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