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Real women share their simple hair care tips

What does she do to get such great hair? It’s a question we ask every time we see someone with luminously healthy hair. Maybe it’s a crazy concoction. For example, mayonnaise mixed with raw eggs and left on unwashed hair for an hour is supposed to leave behind a glossy mane. Rinsing hair with beer supposedly yields luscious locks. Lemon juice sprayed in and blow dried is rumored to leave hair loaded with volume. But seriously, what do real women do? We asked some ladies with lovely locks to share their secrets.

Woman getting hair trimmed

1Skip the sun

Barbara Muller lives in Santa Barbara, California, which means lots of sunshine and pool time, especially during the outdoor pool exercise class she attends four times a week. Muller says her secret is keeping her long hair out of the chlorine. She still manages to keep it looking cute, though, by pinning her hair up with flower hairclips. She says, “My hair is fun and not much work!”

2Schedule regular cuts

“I recommend routine trims. I go every six to seven weeks,” says Stephanie Gehman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “I also recommend doing a deep, leave-in conditioner every two weeks, especially if you blow dry, flat iron or curl your hair daily.”


Ask for curls

While the 1980s perm era is long gone, it’s still a secret some ladies keep. Rita Pilger of Denver, Colorado, says her hair is so straight that regular visits to her salon give her hair body that she otherwise wouldn’t have.

4Get a stylist recommendation

“I have hair from Hades — frizzy and curly — plus I live in the south,” says Sandra Harbison of Tennessee, whose tip is to ask friends or strangers with curly hair for a stylist suggestion or, better yet, find a stylist with curly hair. “She or he will know your pain — and the best cut for you.”


Dry right

As for hair drying, Harbison says, “Don’t towel dry hair or brush and comb hair. Let it dry naturally and then fluff it out some if you don’t like the wet or glued look. A good hairspray lightly applied to wet curly hair also helps a bit.”

8Hang upside down

Jennifer Frantz of Minnesota is an estate planning attorney and mother of two preschool boys. She recommends deceiving your hair into fullness by leaning over and blow drying the hair upside down.

And that’s what it’s really all about: Tricking your hair into happiness.

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