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Glam gams: 5 Secrets to lovely legs

Achieve longer, leaner legs with these simple strategies from Sarah Machacek, personal trailer and wellness coach in Fairfax, Virginia.

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1No slouching!

The easiest way to elongate your legs is simple: Stand up straight! Pull your shoulders back, stabilize your glutes and pelvis, and align your spine. Good posture elongates your body and makes your legs look longer and leaner, and Machacek mentions yet another benefit to standing straight and tall: “You exude confidence, which makes you feel better about yourself.”

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2Work it at work.

Sneak in leg exercises throughout the day. “If you are sitting at a desk all day, stand up to take your phone calls,” says Machacek. Just as you break big work projects into small steps, little exercises can help you achieve leaner legs. Machacek suggests weaving intervals into your work day: Do a couple squats for every 10 emails you read. Try squeezing in 10 jumping jacks or a few push ups. Take the stairs, go for a lunch-hour stroll or sit on a stability ball.

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3Balance your exercise routine.

“When it comes to bodies, we either carry our weight in the upper half or the lower half,” Machacek says. To make your legs longer and leaner, start by looking at the whole body: Where are your imbalances? For example, someone with thicker legs should work to broaden her shoulders and slim her waist to create a proportional silhouette. The best way to keep a balanced exercise routine is to mix it up. Combine jumping jacks, jump rope, agility shuffles, sprints, free weights and machines.

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4Nutrition counts.

“If you’re putting junk in your body, guess what? You’ll have junk in your trunk,” Machacek says. According to Machacek, 80 percent of your physique is driven by what you eat (10 percent is exercise and 10 percent is genetics). Aim to eat whole, fresh foods and eliminate processed convenience foods. Eating a balanced, healthy diet will keep excess weight off your long, lean legs.

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5Fake it ’til you make it.

Strut your stuff in nude-colored heels to create the appearance of longer legs. Lightly brush bronzer down your shins to fake leaner legs. Most importantly, exude confidence — and your legs will look lovelier than ever!

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