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Do your ‘do: Simple styles for short hair

Most women take the short hair plunge because they’re looking for a simple style without much fuss. Short hair definitely provides that. But after a while, doing the same ‘do day in and day out can become a little too simple. Sometimes a gal needs to fuss, right? Here are some ways to spruce up your short ‘do.

Short hairstyle


We’re not talking about those chintzy glitter stickers that girls at prom pin into their hanging tendrils (although, if that floats your boat, go for it). We’re talking about the accessories made for long-haired gals. While originally intended to keep long hair in check, these are great in short hair just for simple style. Try a headband to pull your front pieces back, or just slide it on between your hairline and your crown for a burst of color. Get a braided elastic headband and try the hippie look by pulling the band down over your forehead and around your head.

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2Quick switch

Take a few minutes to style your hair in the opposite way it was cut. Did your stylist trim your bangs for a sweep to the left? Then push them to the right. If your hair was cut for curls, try flat ironing it. Or if you normally blow it out, try scrunching it into curls with gel. These flip ‘dos may look funky at first. Take some time to see if you can make the new ‘do work with some pins. You’d be surprised at the versatility of a short cut with a little imagination.

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3Small twists

Ok, so The Hills wasn’t exactly humanity at its best, but it might have been hair at its best. Those girls launched the side twist craze, which is the perfect hair trend for shorthaired ladies to join in on. If you have bangs, twist them and pin them back. If you don’t, start with a small section of face-framing hair and twist it. Move toward the back of your head, pulling small pieces into the twist. Pin back and smooth to make the twist seem like one continuous lock of hair.

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4Spike it

While long-haired babes can pull off a lot of hairstyles that short-haired girls can’t, shorties have a hold on one: The spiky look. Why not go for it? Spike your hair way up for a total punk look, or for something more edgy, run molding product through your hair and create twists with small sections of hair. The product will allow the twists to uncurl to the point where they don’t look like dreads, but should keep the ends together to look like a nice, spiky point.

So there you go: Simple ways to switch it up when you have a ‘do that’s short on length, but not on style.

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