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3 Quick daytime up dos

Elegant up dos don’t have to be saved for prom or your wedding day. In fact, sweeping your hair up can be a rather simple task. Check out these three easy daytime up dos you can wear anytime.

Woman with bun

1Slicked-back ponytail

“This look is a classic, simple and chic,” says beauty and lifestyle expert Cathy White. “The key is to perfectly position your ponytail so that you get enough height for the hair to drop cleanly below the nape of the nape. First, apply a light serum, like Kerastase’s Oleo Relax, to the sides of the hair and ponytail. Next, sweep hair up from the nape of the neck with one hand and sweep the front of your hair back with the other. Apply an elastic band, brush stray strands, smooth your pony, and you’re ready to go.”

2The bun

“A bun will always be a classic, and it is simple,” says stylist Rachel Janese of the Johnathan Breitung Salon. “Pin hair into a low bun, either in the middle or off to the side,” explains Janese. If you have long hair, “Try securing into a ponytail first, before pinning the bun. Create some texture by curling hair with an iron beforehand, or for less texture, flat iron first.”

Take it a step further with a messy bun and headband, suggests White. “There are so many detailed versions that will add a touch of glamour to your daytime look.”

White explains, “First, loosely pull hair back into a low ponytail, somewhere right at the back of the neck. You can leave a few strands loose, and tie hair with an elastic band. Next, take the ponytail and wrap loosely around the base of your ponytail; affix another elastic band around the wrapped section to form a knotted bun. Next, push and pull your bun to create height or looseness, and affix headband. You can also position the bun higher if you desire.”

3Crown braids

“This look is as simple as it is sweet,” says White, “and perfect for a casual day out. First, part hair down the middle and smooth. Next, begin braiding hair on each side, pulling hair equally from the middle. Once you complete each braid, take the ends and tuck into opposite braids, use hair pins to hold. Voila!”

“Braids have become a staple in today’s fashion, yet still remain classic and fun,” Janese says. “You can incorporate braids into any hairstyle, whether it is down or pulled into a bun.”

“Today, up dos are less about formal and informal, and more about your knowledge of fashion and knowing how far to push the limit. So take your buns, braids and curls, and have fun!” concludes Janese.

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