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Hair how-to: Blowout at home

How great do you feel when you leave the salon with a professional blowout? Your hair is bouncy and full of life. With the right products, tools, technique and tons of practice, you can get that look at home, too. Give yourself a lot of time when you’re first attempting an at-home blowout and be patient with yourself if your first few attempts turn into ponytail days. You’ll get the hang of it!

Blown out hair

The Blowout blow by blow

Blowout Step 1: Wash, condition and towel dry

Wash and condition your hair as you normally would. Don’t get hair squeaky clean, though. You want a little bit of conditioner still left on your hair. When you dry off, be gentle with your hair — blotting instead of aggressively rubbing. Gentle towel drying prevents broken hair and helps keep your locks looking tame — and that means a better blowout.

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Blowout Step 2: Pick a product

Find a hair product that works for your hair type. If you have fine hair, look for a heat defense product that boosts volume. If your hair is frizzy, find a serum that controls frizz under heat. If you’re unsure about product selection, do some research online. Find a beauty blogger with your hair type and ask for her expert recommendation. Be sure to give a price point when you submit your inquiry.

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Blowout Step 3: Pin it up

Pin up your hair in a way that makes it easy to remove small sections for drying. A clip or claw will be easier than a hair tie.

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Blowout Step 4: Blow out

In small one-to-four inch sections, remove hair from the up do and blow dry. Point the blow dryer down the shaft of your hair, from root to tip. Keeping the air flowing in this direction will give you a smooth, finished look. Sandwich your hair between a brush and your dryer as you move down the section of hair. The type of brush needed depends on your desired look. Select a round brush for a full, voluminous look. Use a flat paddle brush if you’re aiming for a sleeker blowout. You can mix techniques, using a flat brush for hair around the nape of your neck and ears, and a round brush on the crown of your head for volume where it counts.

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Blowout Step 5: Chill out

When each section of hair falls exactly as you like, shock your hair into place with a blast of cool air from your blow dryer.

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Blowout Step 6: Finish it up

For ultimate salon style, invest in a finishing cream. The cream will help control frizz, amp shine and hold your look in place.

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