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Find the most flattering neckline for your haircut

Matching your hairstyle to your outfit is no easy feat. But there are a few good guidelines to keep in mind that can help you get the best out of your look. Here, we’ve chosen a few of the most popular necklines and the haircuts and styles that flatter them most.

Woman with long hair wearing v-neck

Short hair

Having short hair really allows the attention to fall on your outfit. A great neckline to try is a strapless look as they’re intended to highlight your neck and shoulders. Halter cuts are also a good look for shorter hair as again, this style really showcases the neck and shoulders. Accessorize with a pretty choker and all eyes will fall on your outfit and your hair. If you’d like to try a deep V-neck cut, accessorize your hair with a barrette or headband so the eyes are drawn upwards. This will help keep the overall look more modest and a lot less risqué.

Long hair

If your haircut is long, it can be pretty versatile to different necklines. But one in particular you can definitely pull off is a deep V-neck cut. With longer hair, it balances out the sexiness of this style. Other low-cut styles like empire-cuts and sweetheart necklines are options to try too. Try styling your hair in long waves for a nice contrast to the cut of your top or dress. For strapless styles, pull hair back into a pony or a half up half down style to highlight your shoulders. You can do the same for halter styles too or any neckline that’s heavy on ruffles or embellishments like many of the styles that are out this season. Another style that’s hot right now is asymmetrical tops and dresses. To style this cut, sweep hair to your bare shoulder in a low side ponytail. The opposition of the hair on one side and clothing on the other really balances out the look.


For hair that hits right around the shoulders, bateau, boatneck and crewneck tops and dresses are a good look. The hair skims right around the same area of the neckline and really highlights the style. Other styles that are good to try are empire-cut necklines (not to be confused with an empire-waist) and V-necks. Try a half up half down hairstyle when wearing halter and strapless outfits. If you feel your hair isn’t long enough for a deep V-neck cut, experiment with some clip-in extensions for the night. They can add just the right amount of length and thickness you may be looking to achieve.

Any length

No matter what length of hair you have, crewnecks, V-necks and turtlenecks are universally flattering. These styles tend to be very casual so you can experiment with different types of hairstyles to see what you like best. Crewnecks and turtlenecks lend themselves well to ponytail styles or short hair looks while with modest V-necks you can wear your hair just about any way you like best.

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