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Hair care essentials: 4 Products you can’t live without

We’d all like to have a personal hair stylist on hand 24/7. But while that may not exactly be feasible, we can have a stash of products around to recreate salon-worthy locks. Make sure your beauty bag is stocked with these four basic hair care and styling products.

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Hair straightener

Whether you prefer a balm, serum or spray version, a hair-straightening product is a definite must. Experiment with a few different kinds until you find the one that’s right for you. The appropriate straightening solution won’t weigh your hair down or cause roots to look greasy. Silicone-based products can even protect the hair from heat damage too. You’ll want to apply just a small amount so your hair doesn’t take on a texturized feel.

Root lifter

To get that extra oomph, a root lifter is a must-have item. Often available in either a spray or mouse version, simply aim the product at the roots and spray a bit on wet hair. Blow dry as usual and you’ll notice your roots have an extra bit of lift.

Thermal heat protector

Even if you don’t regularly use a flat iron or curling iron, blow drying your hair can definitely cause heat damage. You should always apply a thermal heat protector before drying or styling your hair. Spray on wet hair before drying or styling and the heat will actually activate the product and help prevent damaged ends.

Hair spray

For special occasions or even daily wear, hair spray is probably your most useful product. If you typically shy away from the idea of hair spray, experiment with different types of holds. There’s everything from a soft hold and finish which allows natural movement in your hair, to strong hold sprays that are great for updos and long-wear hold. Stock a few different types of hair sprays so you can use the best one for your hairstyle. You can also use hairsprays for taming flyaways or even taming unruly brows. For the brow trick, just make sure to spray a bit on your fingers first and never aim the spray directly at your face.

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