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Hair losing its luster? How to get the shine back

We’ve all seen it and we all want it: that woman with the shockingly shiny hair on every shampoo commercial ever made. Is it the lighting? Her diet? Just something she was born with? Well, while it may be a combination of these, the good news is you too can inject some luster into your locks. Read on for some must-have tips on how to get the shine back.

Woman with Shiny Hair

Lather, rinse, repeat

If your hair has become dry and damaged, start the repair process in the shower with a shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair. While these products can’t actually reverse the damage caused by split ends, they can prevent further damage and infuse your dull, lifeless locks with some much-needed moisture.

Deep treatments

Combat the damage your hair has suffered from chemical treatments, coloring, environmental polution and heat styling with a deep conditioning treatment. For hair that’s become brittle and unruly, a weekly deep conditioning treatment is a great help and will work to reverse the hair damage. Try a hair mask or think deep conditioning cream that you can apply in the shower or leave in overnight for moisture. Hot oil treatments are also a great option.


For shine, there’s products galore! With serums, sprays and finishing products there’s plenty to choose from. Look to silicone-based serums as these seal the cuticle and help prevent heat damage caused from styling tools by creating a barrier. Avoid alcohol-based products as these dry the hair out. As with any product, if your hair is fine use sparingly as it can weigh hair down.

Your tools

When it comes to your styling tools, consider upgrading to ceramic ionic ones. You can get curling irons, hair dryers and flat irons that are ceramic ion now and these infuse the hair with cuticle-soothing negative ions. Ceramic ionic tools maintain a consistent heat while most other styling tools get hotter the longer they’re on. Eventually, it can help improve the strength and shine of your hair.

Frequent trims

Every six weeks is the magic number when it comes to getting your hair trimmed. This will help stave off split ends making your hair appear less brittle and damaged.


A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein can help your hair look shinier in a few months. You can find plenty of healthy omega-3’s in foods like salmon, avocado and flaxseed oil. Lean meats, fish and eggs are a good source for protein too.

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