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Hair care essentials: 3 Shampoos you can’t live without

As a beauty editor, I have dozens of varieties of products and tools in my arsenal. Some come and go, and others become absolute staples. Finding the recipe to our best head of hair is a long and often arduous process. But once you find it — stick with what works! From my own research, check out some of my essentials that go with me, no matter what.

Woman with Hairdryer

Dry shampoo

This is the best thing to happen to my head since, well, ever. Everyone has those days they are running late and have unwashed hair, or just left the gym and need to look fresh for work. Dry shampoo is a fabulous, waterless way to style, freshen up and even add volume to your hair without going near a shower or a blow dryer. You may need to play around to find the brand and method that works best for you; they come in sprays and powders, hair-colored and white, scented and not. Once you work it into your routine, though, you’ll feel helpless without it. (And you won’t be alone, if you are a fan of I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here, you may have recently seen The Hills Heidi Pratt moved to hysteria over her dry shampoo being missing!)

Clarifying shampoo

No matter what your hair type, it will sometimes feel weighed down, greasy or just plain “blah”. This is likely caused by buildup –- whether it’s products like hairsprays, mousses and gels; hard water and mineral deposits; chlorine and chemicals from swimming pools; even the waxes and moisturizers in some shampoos and conditioners. This stuff stays in your hair and builds up over time, leading to dull, lifeless, limp hair. A clarifying shampoo can help remove those deposits, give your hair a fresh start and restore shine. I try to use a clarifying shampoo about once a week. It really helps keep the “slate” clean!

Moisture masque

Even if you don’t have dry hair, a great intensive moisture masque may be a good idea. If your hair undergoes a lot of heat treatments or chemical processes, you need to really get deep into the hair shaft and moisturize from within. I try to use an intense moisture hair masque at least once a week. For extra hydration, apply the masque to damp hair, wrap your head in a shower cap (or plastic wrap) and then wrap your head in a hot towel. For even more results, sleep in a shower cap and wash it out in the morning!

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