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How-to guide for hairstyles with bangs

If you’re ready for a wildly different look, getting some bangs (or growing out the ones you already have) is sure to turn some heads. Take the plunge with our guidance on picking the right bangs, styling them and growing them out when you’re through.

Brown hair with bangs

Face shapes and bangs

When you’re picking a bang, you and your hairstylist should consider your face shape first. Oval face shapes can try just about anything. From blunt-cut bangs to long side-swept bangs that hit at the eyebrows, pretty much any look can be pulled off.

Square-shaped faces should avoid blunt bangs. Instead, try a layered bang that’s swept to the side. This especially looks nice at eyebrow-length and draws attention to the eyes. Long side swept bangs are a great pick for those with round-shaped faces and if you have a heart-shaped face, short wispy bangs and off-center side swept bangs look best.

Minimal commitment

If you’re new to bangs and hesitant to try them out, a side swept bang is a good way to go. They’re definitely on trend right now, light and work on most face shapes. Because a side swept bang is longer, they’re easier to pin back and grow out as well. So the commitment is a lot less aggressive if you’re hesitant to dive right in with a bold, bang cut.

Bold change

Blunt bangs are trendy, fashion-forward and definitely a huge change. These types of bangs look great with long hair, a bob and those with oval face shapes. If you’re not ready to make the plunge, try a virtual makeover online. Many sites allow you to upload your picture and see what you’d look like in different hair and bang styles.

Tips and tricks

If you’re ready to get bangs, take a few other things into consideration. For example, if you’re looking to enhance your eyes, bangs cut to the brow line will definitely accentuate your peepers. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, talk to your stylist first. It may be harder to straighten these out and you’ll want to get tips on avoiding a frizzy mess.

Styling new bangs can also be the hardest part of maintaining them. You’ll want to get the right product and talk to your hairdresser about the easiest way to style them. Have her show you exactly how to recreate the look at home and get the right tools including hair product, a flat iron and the appropriate brush.

Growing them out

Growing out your bangs can also be a frustrating process. Especially when you’re in an in-between stage that’s not quite a bang but not quite grown out. How to ease the process? Definitely invest in some hair accessories! From baby barrettes and clips to headbands, accessories will be your new best friend. Get some pomade too to smooth down unruly bangs if you’re pulling them back into a headband or ponytail.

You’ll also want to be sure your bangs are all one length and trimmed to grow out evenly. Some other tips and tricks you might try are to backcomb and tease your bangs when they get long enough or to add some clip-in hair extensions. Celebrities often grow out their bangs with the help of extensions that help even out the length.

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