Hair 911: Bad hair day emergency kit

It happens to all of us…and usually on the morning or eve of a highly important event. For whatever reason, your hair is just not working and no matter what you try it seems hopeless. Luckily, we’ve got the essential tools you’ll need to salvage just about any bad hair day.

Woman with Round Brush and Blow Dryer

Round brush and a blow dryer

A round brush and a blow dryer are two tools that can really go a long way. Even if your hair is already dry, you can spruce up your roots and straighten out wavy pieces with a quick blowdry. Section off your hair and only blow dry the sections that need some extra lift or to be straightened out. Aim the nozzle at the roots and set with a bit of hair spray.

Flat iron

So you’ve slept on your hair and now it’s frazzled. It’s nothing a little shine serum and a flat iron can’t instantly fix. Spray some sort of heat protector on your ends and then run the flat iron through to smooth out the hair. If your hair is looking particularly damaged, the flat iron will hide the fried pieces. Finish off with some shine serum and you’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon. This is one hair tool that can be a total lifesaver.

Hair powder

When you need to salvage greasy roots, some dry shampoo, otherwise known as hair powder, can totally fix your hair. The powder soaks up all the oil in your scalp so it looks super fresh again, without having to go through a complete wash and dry.

Teasing comb

When it comes to taming those tresses, you’ve got to have a teasing comb in your beauty arsenal. It’ll instantly lift flat, lifeless locks and inject some Va-Va-Voom into your coiff. Pull hair straight up, then tease the roots down and add some hair spray. Make sure to smooth out any bumps so you don’t look like you’re sporting helmet head.

Shine spray or serum

Sometimes all you need for a bad hair day is a little bit of product. Whether it’s the serum or spray version you like best, injecting some shine into your locks will add some glam to dull locks.

Hat or headband

This may not exactly be a hair “tool” but if you really can’t salvage a bad hair day, a cute hat may be in order! There’s tons of cute, trendy and stylish hats out now that would totally top off any look. If you’re not into hats, try a headband. This hair accessory is super stylish right now, especially headbands with big flowers or glitzy accents. Tease hair in the back and you’ve got a quick two-minute hair fix.

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