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10 Ways to refresh yesterday’s hairstyle when you’re pressed for time

Whether your alarm didn’t go off or you just hit the snooze button too many times, sometimes you’re just running late. Don’t have time to devote to salvaging yesterday’s hair? We’ve got some super quick tips and tricks that can refresh any hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Hair Culers

Partial wash

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Just wash part of it! When your hair gets oily, it’s usually only noticeable at the roots. Pull back your hair into a pony and section off the top half at the crown where there’s the most grease. Wash and dry just this portion and your entire hair will look super fresh again.

Blow out

There’s nothing like a fresh blow out. But even if you don’t have time to wash it all again, blow drying the roots and dull sections with a round brush can add some life to your hair. For some extra lift and staying power, aim the nozzle at the roots and add some hair spray. If your ends just look a bit dull, blow dry them with a round brush curled under. You’ll have instant style in under five minutes.


Curlers can totally save your style with just a few minutes of your time taken. Put them in and let them do all the work for you as you apply your makeup. By the time you’re done they will have set. Run your fingers through the curls for a soft, loose look and set with a soft-finish hair spray.

Hair powder

If you’re battling oily roots and don’t have time to do a full or partial wash, some hair powder can be a total saving grace. The powder will soak up all the grease that’s in your roots. Try a powder or spray formula that’s the same color as your hair so it blends in. If you only have baby powder available, take a towel to rub it into your roots and scrub out the remainder so there’s no leftover white residue.

Flat iron

Just-slept-on-hair isn’t always pretty. But luckily it’s nothing a flat iron can’t salvage. Quickly run it through the pieces that have folded for a sleek and straight look. Remember to apply a thermal spray to protect your hair from heat damage and finish off with a shine serum or spray.


Sometimes, something as a simple as a sleek ponytail can take your hair from blah to fab. And when you’ve just got a few minutes to spare, it’s the perfect time-saver. This oft-forgotten hairstyle is still flirty and cute.

Messy updo

Lucky for us, messy updo’s are totally in style. Pull your hair into a messy bun, chignon or folded pony tail for a new take on an updo. Total time to put together? Under five minutes. Now that’s a fabulous timesaver.

Clip-in extensions

Even if you don’t wear them daily, it’s nice to have some clip-in hair extensions around. They’re super easy to put in and can instantly refresh your look without even needing any styling. And they’re especially nice to have on hand to stave off a bad hair day.

Shine spray/serum

When your hair is looking a little dull and you don’t have time for a whole new style, sometimes just a bit of shine spray or a serum can make your locks go from dull to super sleek. Focus mostly on your ends and mid-section where hair tends to look driest.

Try a hair accessory

Whether you’re more into a hat, hair scarf or a big floral headband, a hair accessory is a great way to refresh yesterday’s look, and add some fashion-forward style.

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