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5 Easy ways you can update your hairstyle yourself

With summer just around the corner, now may be just the time to think about updating your look for those long, hot days and nights ahead. From chic, short bangs to ’40s glam locks, here’s the lowdown on five ways to instantly refresh your look without splashing cash at the salon.

Hairstyle with Bangs

Bardot bombshell

With a fine-toothed comb, a can of hairspray and a dash of attitude you can re-create this look from the ’60s. Take a small section of hair from the crown of the head and backcomb gently from the roots upwards. After 3 or 4 sections, muss the hair with your fingers and spray it lightly with the hairspray.

Beautiful bangs

Frazzled with your high maintenance look? Take five years off in an instant by trimming your bangs. Using your eyebrows as a guide, pull your hair down to just below the brow and cut in a straight line. When the hair dries, the bangs will bounce up so leave a little room for error.

Color me gorgeous!

There’s no need to block out a full afternoon at the salon when you can easily wash in the color of your choice at home. Safe in the knowledge that temporary hair color will wash out, be a tad more daring in your choice of color. Choose golden hues that reflect the sunlight or tinge your tresses with deep dramatic reds for impact, volume and drama.

Milkmaid braids

Sienna Miller may have started the craze back in 2007, but it’s safe to say that the milkmaid braid represents the hot new trend for 2009. With a little practice, you too can rock this look! Using a wide-toothed comb and a few elastic bands, create a braid on each side of the head. Wrap an elastic band around the braids and then drape around the head. Tuck the ends of the braids underneath themselves and secure with a pin. For a sweet ‘haven’t tried too hard look’ muss the hair with some gentle backcombing and let a few strands fall delicately to the shoulders.

Mermaid waves

From the film set to the cocktail lounge, have you ever wondered how actresses from the past managed to achieve such a manicured look? This retro-glam look may be a blast from the past (the ’40s to be exact!) but with mid-length to long hair, you can easily achieve this romantic style. Simply part the hair to the side and set with large rollers. When the hair is dry, release the rollers and allow the hair to fall in waves to the shoulders, and then spray a little hairspray. Result? A style suitable for any starlet!

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