Polish your look: Matching your hairstyle with your wardrobe

Creating a look isn’t just about your clothes; you’ve got to take your hair into account too. Whether you’re up for a job interview or invited to a wedding, we’ve got the perfect hairstyles that’ll ensure a truly put-together look.


A formal affair

It used to be with formal wear that a French Twist-type of updo was in order. But now the trend has veered toward less is more. Try some long loose waves or a messy version of an updo when going to a fancy event. Something a little less stiff and polished will give you a natural look. After all, nobody wants to look like they’re trying too hard.

The job interview

If you’ve got long, flowing locks that hang down to your waist supermodel style, this isn’t the time to show that off. For a job interview, you don’t want your potential employer to think all your energy is spent maintaining your hair. Clip it back into something more appropriate like a pony tail, halfway up or another gathered style. If you have short hair, an unfussy do will work just fine. The point here is to not look like your hair is the center of your world.

Date night

Date night is just like a formal event. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. But you don’t want to look like you’ve rolled out of bed either. If you’re in a casual outfit, wear your hair the same way you would on a daily basis. After all, on a date you’re trying to showcase your best-self and the guy wants to get to know the real you.

If the date is more of a fancy affair, feel free to dress up and add some curls or a fun updo. If you’ve got a turtleneck, high-necked top or a dress that’s open in the back, sport your hair in some form of an updo to really showcase your outfit.

Opposites attract

For any event, a good rule of thumb to follow is to play the game of opposites. If you’re wearing a particularly fancy top, a sleek, simple ponytail is unexpected yet classy. For a casual dress an unfussed messy updo is a fun twist. A chignon is a sassy and trendy option too, perfect for a date or an evening event. Whatever look you’re trying to create, just be sure to have fun with it and remember, the only real rule is to be comfortable and love what you’re in.

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