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The secret to Malin Akerman’s beauty? Yogurt & black eyeliner

Malin Akerman reveals her beauty secrets… and they’re easy enough for anyone to copy!

Malin AkermanRock of Ages star Malin Akerman is one of those genetically gifted women who looks red-carpet ready the minute she wakes up.

At least, that’s what we tend to assume.

However, the actress admits that she has a few go-to beauty products that enhance her beautiful features — and they aren’t creams that cost hundreds of dollars.

“I definitely think a good lip gloss is a must-have,” she tells Hollywood Life. “You’ve got your sunglasses on and your lips look nice and shiny and moist — you don’t wanna walk out with dry lips! I think it’s really fresh to have a nice lip gloss.”

She’s never without her eyeliner, either.

“As a blonde, I always like to walk around with my black eyeliner so I’m ready for anything,” Akerman says. “If I need to get ready for the night, I just smudge it and make it more of a smokey look and off you go!”

As for her hair? Akerman entrusts her blond strands to one product.

“I am really enjoying Moroccanoil,” she says. “You use it after you’ve blown your hair out so you get rid of those frizzy flyaways and it keeps your hair healthy.”

The mom of 3-month-old Sebastian is back in Hollywood shape, thanks to a steady workout routine.

“Your body has been stretched out for nine months and now you have to pull it back in. It’s been a lot of different types of fitness. I think the buddy system is really great. Grab a friend or your spouse and go for a hike,” she said, adding that she’s also a fan of Pilates, cycling and CrossFit.

“I think it’s always important to keep your muscles guessing — otherwise they just plateau and get used to the same workout, so I think just pushing a little harder and in different types of workouts, that’s been really helpful.”

She also follows a high-protein — and high-on-taste — diet.

“Either a little heavier eggs or fruit bowl,” Akerman says of her go-to breakfast foods. “I like to do yogurts which are a really good choice. The Müller FrütUp Yogurts are really great — they have a little fruit mousse on the top that you mix in… It’s got protein and calcium which is always a good start to your day. Add a little granola in there and you are all set to go!”

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