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5 Hair trends that aren’t worth the drama

Just because a hairstyle is all the rage doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you or worth the trouble to execute. If you’re considering wearing any of the following hair trends, proceed with caution or consult with a pro stylist.


Extreme hair extensions

Paris Hilton's hair extensions

Poor execution often negates the glam effects that weaves of epic lengths are supposed to have. Getting extensions that match your own texture and color, proper blending and styling are a must for making extra lengthy weaves work.


Hair chalk

Kate Bosworth's hair chalk

Hair chalking is touted as being ideal for women who just want to play with temporary color, but does anyone talk about the less-than-stellar results? Hair chalk smudges everywhere and will leave your strands feeling dry. If your heart is still set on this trend, go with a soft pastel chalk — it’s less sticky and easier to remove than oil pastels.


Pastel hair

Kelly Osbourne's pastel hair

The care and maintenance required for a cotton candy-colored mane is enough to make one think twice about going for it. To avoid ending up with hair that feels stripped and brittle, leave the pastel color process up to the professionals.


Drastic ombre

Drew Barrymore's drastic ombre hair

Hairstyles with brightly dipped ends and radical gradients are oh-so-trendy, but not everyone can pull it off. The look of subtle ombre is more current, realistic and universally flattering.


Complicated braids

Perrie Edward's complicated braides

When it comes to braided hairstyles, simplicity usually works best. Extremely complex braid styles aren’t worth the headache (or arm ache) they take to achieve, especially when a French braid or twist is just as lovely. Besides, with an easy-to-do braid, you won’t feel bad about undoing all of your hard work at the end of the night.

So, should you ditch these trends for good? Not necessarily. Just know that there’s no need to sacrifice your hair’s health or drive yourself crazy trying to achieve them.

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