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The psychology behind these celebrity outfits

These girls are some of the most photographed individuals in the world, and boy do they know it. Indeed, what a celebrity chooses to wear every time they step out the door is no accident and often sends a very clear message about who they are. Let’s decode those messages together.

Rihanna: The rules smasher

What Rihanna's fashion choices say about her

This reluctant role model makes no excuses for her wild ways or her wild dress sense. Rather than trying to set a good example, she is more interested in breaking the rules and setting the record straight. Her outrageous and often barely there fashion picks are an extension of the singer’s desire to push the boundaries and experience life to its fullest — no matter how messy or colorful. She sees herself as a survivor — of love, of fame, of life — and often dresses with a slight militant edge as if to say, “don’t mess with me!” But perhaps someone should remind her of the old movie line that says: “The baseball cap should be worn in the direction that your life is traveling.”

Vanessa Hudgens: The girl grown up

What Vanessa Hudgens' fashion choices say about her

Vanessa has come a long way since her High School Musical days and she thinks it’s time she got the respect she deserves. Her elegant suit sends a clear message about wanting to be taken seriously. She’s learned that in order to be seen as a grown up, she doesn’t need to take her clothes off, but rather, put the right ones on. Baroque has historically been a fabric associated with royalty and as such reveals her love of status and influence.

Lily Collins: The sensitive cool girl

What Lily Collins' fashion choices say about her

Lily, like her outfit, is the perfect blend of delicate and tough. For starters, her feminine head scarf plays against the tough army style jacket. What does this reveal? Well, even though she’s a romantic at heart, despite her fragility, she’s stronger willed and less naive than people realize. In her short years, she’s already seen more than most and is very worldly. She’s nobody’s fool. Lily loves fashion and “dressing up” but at the same time has an inner tomboy that people rarely see.

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