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Modern beauty: The new face of customized beauty trends

Finding the right beauty regime can be a daunting task. With so many options and ever-changing beauty trends, it may seem impossible to find the perfect products. But thanks to the power of the internet and dedicated beauty experts, the search for flawless beauty is over. Find out how three websites are combining customizability and cost-effectiveness to cater to your individual needs.




Founded in 2010, Birchbox has become one of the most popular beauty sites to date. Offering a wide array of products and beauty tips, Birchbox not only offers customized products and services, but quality as well.

For a monthly fee of $10:

You can become a member and customize your profile to cater to your beauty preferences and needs. Every month you will receive a “Birchbox” of sample-sized goodies. These products have been personally tested and pre-approved by the people at Birchbox.

The goal:

To allow customers to test multiple products at once without the cost and commitment of buying the full-sized product. If you like surprises and great beauty buys, then Birchbox is the site for you!


Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag

This interactive site is awesome if you like meeting new people and want to share your love of fashion and beauty. Little Black Bag allows users to customize their profile and purchase items at a discounted price.

The perks of being a Little Black Bag member:

No membership fee, and beauty stylists suggest items that suit your needs. The interactive aspect of this site allows you to live-chat with users and stylists, as well as swap items from your basket. This is a great way to gain product insight as well as snag a few extra goodies.

Check out Little Black Bag to see the latest in beauty, fashion and style trends!




Are you the type who knows what they want to look like but can’t seem to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together? Then Ipsy is the place for you. This site is a hub for makeup connoisseurs and amateurs alike to come together and share video tutorials of their favorite looks.

With an Ipsy membership:

You have the option of joining for free and having access to hundreds of makeup tutorials from users who are just like you. If you think you want a little more out of your membership, you can pay a monthly fee of $10 and receive an Ipsy goody bag filled with beauty products such as Philosophy, Kiehl’s and Urban Decay, hand-picked by the beauty stylists. Take a looksy at Ipsy!

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