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How to get red hair like Emma Stone

Emma Stone is back to her signature red hair. Here’s how to get the same look at the salon.

Emma Stone

Emma Roberts might think that blond is a “fun color” for summer, but another Emma — Emma Stone — thinks that redheads have the most fun. The Amazing Spider-Man actress just showed off her new red bob earlier this week in New York City.

The natural blonde prefers the color when she’s not filming.

“I identify most with red hair,” she told Cosmopolitan in April. “My mom is a redhead, so I grew up seeing red hair more. But I like blonde hair, too.”

We love the red hue, but it seems like it’s so difficult to get right at the salon. It either ends up looking way unnatural or way too brassy. Going red doesn’t have to be traumatic, though, says Pasquale Caselle, celebrity hairstylist and international creative director for IT&LY Hairfashion.

“When transitioning to red — especially if it is going to be a drastic change from what you currently have — stick with softer, darker shades of red rather than going vibrant, unless you want a dramatic change,” Caselle tells SheKnows.

Think about your skin tone: Different skin colors call for different shades of red.

“Fair skin always does best with red shades,” Caselle advises. “[Women with] deeper olive complexions have to be very careful as going red can make the skin look jaundiced and it will not complement your skin tone. If you have darker olive skin, consider a caramel blond instead; this will give warmth, but the golden tone will better complement your skin tone.”

How to get the best red hue at the salon

Caselle recommends working with your stylist to gently ease into red instead of going all in with a color you might not like.

“If you are considering going red for the first time but are afraid of the upkeep or generally how it will look, consider having your stylist just paint in some pieces of the red tone you are considering,” Caselle says. “This will give you an idea of how it will look, and then you may decide on your next visit to dye your whole head the same tone.”

And don’t be afraid to take a chance.

“You can have fun with reds, even getting a nice ombre effect by having your stylist take three varying shades in the same family of red — coppers, auburns, mahogany — and starting with the roots, do the first third of your hair with the darkest shade of red, midshaft the medium shade of red, and the tips a lighter shade of red for a fun look,” Caselle advises.

Caring for your red hair at home

You just dropped a bunch of money on red hair at the salon, so make sure you prolong the color with proper at-home care.

“Make sure to keep your hair from fading once you are at home [by using] a sulfate-free shampoo,” Caselle says. “Use a leave-in conditioner and a thermal protector like Thermoactive Fluid from IT&LY Hairfashion to keep color from fading. Rinse hair with lukewarm water to keep color from washing out so quickly.”

Also, invest in a good color refresher.

“I like recommending Riflessi from IT&LY Hairfashion. They freshen up the color evenly and keep the hair in great condition.”

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