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4 Different parts to try this fall

Your hair can get used to the way it lays and tend to look flat and lifeless. Easy fix: Change your part! By moving your hair from where it normally lays, you can add instant life and movement to your hair. Looking for something that’s more than just a side and middle part? You’ve got it!


The California fling

The California fling

Think Full House. Almost all of those characters had an awesome California fling.


The zigzag part

The zig zag part

This one brings me back to my middle school pigtail braids and trying to get the perfect zigzag part. Lucky for us, there are really cool and subtle ways to do it.


The hipster swoop

The hipster swoop

Justin Bieber style with swoop side bangs. You have a lot more hair pulled forward so the part doesn’t really start until the crown of your head, if at all.


Deep side part

Deep side part

I remember my theater teacher giving us one rule for stage hair, no center parts, so we all ended up with deep side parts. It can feel a little awkward at first but it’s going to look great and really freshen up your look.


When it comes to parting your hair, there are lots of options. Some people even opt for the combed back look with no part at all. This got me thinking, what about the ponytail, do you leave a tiny part at the front or comb it all back? Which part are you going to try this fall?

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