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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Rachel Bilson at the LA premiere for The To Do List

Rachel Bilson

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s actually Rachel Bilson at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie The To Do List. Might we suggest she add getting a new stylist to her own personal to do list? The former OC starlet is totally adorable but what is going on with this cropped caped minidress?

We love the rich cobalt hue on this Oscar de la Renta dress from his 2014 Resort collection and we’re OK with the whimsical floral print on it as well. But we don’t understand why they had to go and ruin a perfectly lovely dress with the layered front and billowing back panel.

The petite actress has an amazing figure, but this type of bulky cape back isn’t flattering on anyone, no matter how great their body is. It adds unnecessary bulk to the otherwise beautiful dress.

The final verdict? If only this frock didn’t have the awkward back piece on it, it would totally be a do in our book. We like Rachel’s winged eyeliner and her half-up hairdo. It’s pretty and perfect for summer!

Nicole Richie filming at The Grove for Extra

Nicole Richie

Send in the clowns… or in this case, Nicole Richie! The mother of two stopped by The Grove for a taping of Extra, but we wonder if she thought she was going to the circus instead? The usually stylish starlet went for print on print and the results were rather tragic.

Both her top and her pants seem too big for the tiny celeb, but she’s positively swimming in those black and white striped pants. It’s a good thing she has a belt on because they look like they might fall down any minute if the breeze blows. Nicole’s maroon checkered and printed top also could use some tailoring.

We applaud the usually stylish House of Harlow designer for trying an edgy trend, but print on print is a tough one to pull off and unfortunately, in this instance, it doesn’t really work.

The final verdict? We think the striped pants would have looked good with a solid black top since they’re such a statement piece. If she’s dying to do print on print, Nicole could wear a complementary polka dotted top with those pants. Just please get them taken in to fit you!

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