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Reasons why it’s OK to splurge on back-to-school shopping


While many women may be looking to save big on back-to-school shopping this year, there are certain must-haves that are definitely worth splurging on. We’ll tell you exactly what they are and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about spending more on them.

1. You save money in the end

When it comes to clothes (just like anything else), it’s important to remember that you do actually get what you pay for. For example, that $30 pair of jeans you spotted at the mall probably isn’t going to last as long or hold up nearly as well as the $150 designer skinnies you’ve been eying forever. Splurging on essentials that you wear on a regular basis, like jeans, can save you some serious dough down the road — for real.

2. You get a good confidence boost

Believe it or not, what we wear can profoundly affect our self-confidence — so go ahead and treat yourself to a few fab basics you feel your absolute best in. It’s totally worth the splurge if it helps you to walk the halls with your head held high the first day of school and beyond.

3. You could be risking your health if you don’t

With fall creeping right around the corner, splurging on a cute but quality coat to keep you warm on those chilly mornings and afternoons is a must. Look for outerwear from brands you already know and trust (and find a jacket you love, of course). Also, be sure to invest in top-notch footwear — think nice winter boots and athletic shoes, particularly if you’re the sporty type.

4. It makes you more productive

Seriously, we’re not joking! Buying things you like (ahem, quality clothes) makes you feel good, and feeling good naturally leads to more productivity. We’d say that’s a perfect reason to splurge on back-to-school shopping, wouldn’t you?

5. You deserve it

School is pretty much a full-time job in itself (except that the work never seems to stop, even when you’re at home — ugh). So yeah, we’d def say you deserve to splurge on some new clothes in order to look and feel your finest! Avoid spending a ton of cash on trendy items and instead stock up on chic stuff that will be in style for years to come. That way, you’re ultimately getting the most bang for your buck.

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