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Tips on keeping summer decor relevant year round

When the weather turns warm, it is instinctive to want to transform your indoors into a summer oasis. But what about when fall hits again — is it time to pack up all of your summer decor? Not necessarily. Here are a few tips and tricks to help transition your summer decor into decor that can last you all year long!

Summer home decor

Nature never goes out of style

“Nature never goes out of style. So when you’re thinking of summer home decor, consider your favorite aspects from the outside! Those pieces can easily be transformed in your home throughout the year.” – Kelly from Smart School House

Be color conscious

“Pair your bright, crisp summertime colors with complimentary warm tones to keep the summer look all year long. Colors such as coral and navy are a perfect match.” – Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

Pick dual-purpose items

When possible, look for items that naturally transcend the seasons. Keep in mind that home decor, home accessories and even home appliances (like the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater which serves as fan in the summer and space heater in the winter) can serve different purposes throughout the year. Whenever you purchase an item, ask yourself if this is truly a seasonal item or if you will be able to use it all year long.

Do something unexpected

Sometimes it is nice to have a splash of summer in the dead of winter. So do something unexpected and keep your bright colors, your green moss and your summery hues out all year long. If you want to put them away in the fall, however, consider bringing them out in January when the winter blues hit hard — not only will you brighten up your home, but you will uplift your spirits as well.

Neutrals are always in style

Bright summer colors are so fun in the summer, and while they can definitely be transitioned into the fall and winter, neutrals never go out of style. So purchase your large items in neutral colors, and you won’t have to worry about transitioning large items throughout the seasons. Then accent your home with fun seasonal colors. For example, a tan couch can be easily transformed into a perfect summer couch with the addition of yellow and coral pillows. But come fall, change the pillows out for deep blues and oranges for a more rustic fall-ish feel while keeping your couch the same. This saves time, energy and money (and storage space).

Pick items you love

If you truly love a home decor item, then it will never feel out of season to you. So if you fall head over heels for a coral and turquoise rug, purchase it and enjoy the bright and cheery colors all year long. Just because the colors are bright or the patterns are more reflective of summertime, doesn’t mean you have to put it away once fall hits. If you truly love the item, keep it out all year long and enjoy it! Most likely, if you love it, it will naturally work with your everyday home decor.

Some items are season-less

“Incorporate season-less natural elements like shells and driftwood into your summer decor, and you’ll only have to change your accents to keep them feeling fresh and relevant all year long!” – Heidi from Happiness Is Homemade

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