Mama Loves Style: A back-to-school outfit for moms

Just because I’m not in school anymore doesn’t mean I can’t pick out the perfect first day of school-inspired outfit.

Mama Loves Style

Every year, from elementary school through college, I’ve anticipated the first day of school. I loved seeing who was in my class(es) and what I thought the year would be like, but, I have to admit, wearing a new outfit was at the top of my favorites list. I usually bought said outfit early in the summer and had it hung up in my closet waiting for that first day. I never, ever wore any part of the outfit until the big day.

Mama Loves Style: A back to school outfit for moms |

My first day of school outfit was usually dressier than my clothes for the rest of the year and included a dress or skirt, a new pair of shoes, and, in elementary school, ruffled socks. For some reason I also always picked out a fall-ish cool weather outfit, so I ended up sweating all day. Learn from my mistake.

These days my “first day of school” outfit would be sweet, pretty, stylish and comfortable enough to walk around in and wear all day. I love the denim vest trend for the summer and it’s easy to wear through the fall with a long-sleeved striped tee or button up plaid cotton shirt. It is also perfect for toughening up an almost too sweet and feminine outfit.

Mama Loves Style: A back to school outfit for moms |

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