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Celebrity style shrink: What do their outfits reveal?

Most of us have a slight obsession with observing (and critiquing) celebrity fashion. But let’s take a deeper look beyond the labels and the lights to gain an understanding of the psychology behind their wardrobe choices. What do Miranda’s, Russell’s and Miley’s clothes really say about their personalities, values, aspirations and deepest fears? We’re about to find out.

Miranda Kerr: The sunny perfectionist

Miranda Kerr: The sunny perfectionist

There is an overwhelming optimism about this outfit and this girl. Bright and colorful, Miranda is focused on making life as beautiful as she can and consciously chooses happiness every day. The dress’s ladylike silhouette reflects her girly side and desire to be taken care of. The color of both her shoes and her bag is red which reveals her inner raciness. Yes, this girl is not afraid of being sexy on (and off) the catwalk.

Russell Brand: The egocentric seeker

Russell Brand: The egocentric seeker

Russell Brand’s clothing reveals the contradiction of his personality. On one hand it’s got a modern rock sensibility, all sleeveless and dark shades, reflecting his ego self. On the other, it’s low key and understated with dark sweat pants, flip flops and yoga mat, which is the part seeking a richer inner life and an escape from the pressures of ego and fame. This dichotomy makes him a fascinating individual who is unpredictable, forever moving between humility and mild megalomania.

Miley Cyrus: The attention-seeking rebel

Miley Cyrus: The attention seeking rebel

Miley’s “weird trip” tee says it all. Having grown up in the public eye, she has a love/hate relationship with celebrity. She’s trying to break free of the expectations that come with fame (read: rebel) and yet she has grown dependent on the attention and approval it showers her with. Despite this struggle, she has never lost sight of just how weird her life is compared to most girls her age.

Her leather micro mini reflects her longing to shed her Hannah Montana image as well as her need to be desired. The bold metallic shoes and bag reveal her love of the spotlight, yet her reflective shades convey her unwillingness to be vulnerable and fear of letting anyone in — they could break her heart or trust.

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