6 Female TV characters we’d love to work with

If you could spend the day working with one female character on TV, who would you choose? Find out which leading ladies we thought would make great co-workers.

The realist

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope, Scandal

Whether it’s her calm yet powerful demeanor or her sharp power suits, people take notice when Olivia Pope walks into a room. Unlike nosy co-workers who meddle in your business, Olivia is not a gossiper and can be trusted to keep your secrets. She enjoys protecting those around her and is not one to sugar-coat things. Though she may not take you out to lunch for girl talk, she will take you under her wing and show you how to get the job done. When a crisis arises, she’s the co-worker who knows how to put out the fire while keeping everyone around her calm.

The fun chick

Melanie "Mel" Burke

Melanie “Mel” Burke, Melissa and Joey

Whoever says politicians take themselves too seriously needs to meet Melanie Burke. Mel’s a down-to-earth city councilwoman who knows how to let her hair down. Her quick wit, goofiness and laid-back demeanor get our vote for great co-worker qualities. Even though she’s a career woman, when her family, or nanny, is in a crisis, this career gal puts them first. When the going gets tough in the office, Mel’s the co-worker you can count on for a laugh.

The beauty and the brains

Jane Bingum

Jane Bingum, Drop Dead Diva

Whether she’s defending a grieving widow or representing a jilted bride, Jane is a brilliant lawyer who carried over her keen sense of fashion from her previous life as a model. Not one to lose a case, Jane works long hours, takes on pro bono cases and supports her colleagues. Another reason we’d loved to work with Jane: You can ask her anything and she most likely knows the answer, whether it’s a court case from decades ago or the latest trends in fashion. She’s a walking Wikipedia who wears her heart on her sleeve and is a co-worker you can confide in.

The sweetheart

Betty Suarez

Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty

Sure, she might be a klutz and the queen of awkward moments, but Betty is the co-worker who will be there for you as a colleague and a friend. Need a shoulder to cry? Betty will comfort you. Need to vent about your boss? Betty will drop everything and listen. Need help on a project? Betty will stay late to support you. Even when dealing with cruel bosses and backstabbing co-workers, she’ll help you see the glass as half-full, and her positive outlook can make a bad work day seem brighter.

The team player

Mindy Lahiri

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

As an OB/GYN, Mindy is passionate about her career and goes above and beyond to make her patients happy. She’s the ambitious co-worker whose strong work ethic will inspire you to step up your game. Mindy may be serious about her job, but she’s also easy-going and funny. Her bubbly and warm personality makes her an approachable colleague who wouldn’t mind showing others the ropes or providing career guidance. She often confides in her co-workers about her dating life. And if you’re a romantic-comedy movie buff or hopeless romantic, Mindy may become your office BFF.

The loyalist

Sydney Bristow

Sydney Bristow, Alias

Sydney is the sweet, trusting and friendly co-worker, but when stuff hits the fan, you’ll see another side of her (one that won’t involve the dimpled smile). She’s not one to back down and she fights hard for what she believes in. She’s dedicated to her work and often puts the well-being of others above her own. She is loyal to those close to her, and if you find yourself in trouble, she’ll do what it takes to help you get out. If there’s an injustice at work, she’ll speak up for others and work hard to make things right. She’s the co-worker who would take one for the team.

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