8 Eco-friendly resorts

Jul 24, 2013 at 9:29 a.m. ET

For most people these days, caring about the environment is second nature, like buckling your seatbelt or making your bed. Ecological awareness is becoming more important to everyone, especially when traveling around the world. If you’re passionate about ecotourism, book your vacation in one of these resorts.

These five luxurious hotels are not only designed to give you one of the best vacations of your life, they’re also on the forefront of environmental conservation. From opening and running their own water treatment plants to on-site greenhouses and farms, each of these four- and five-star properties is doing its part to help keep our planet beautiful and healthy.


Round Hill Hotel, Jamaica

Round Hill, located on Montego Bay, is more than luxury villas and beach cottages. The hotel is doing its part with its vast organic garden. Every herb, vegetable and fruit grown in the garden is used in the hotel, as part of the menu or in the spa. In the garden they use only natural sprays and gardening methods, which eliminates the use of harmful pesticides.


Miniloc Island Resort, Palawan, Philippines

You'll come for the views and stay for the incredible hospitality, the amazing food and the incredible passion Miniloc has for preserving their ecosystem. The resort, along with the other El Nido properties in the Philippines, opened its own water treatment and sewage treatment plants which are 100 percent sustainable.


Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa, California

If you're into hiking, a stay at the Fairmont Mission Inn and Spa will give you the chance to not only hike a spectacular trail with views of the gorgeous Sonoma Valley, but save the trail you're doing it on! The hotel partners with Sonoma Ecology Center to help preserve, restore and grow the Sonoma Overlook Trail.


Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

It's hard not to want to give back to Mother Nature when you're staying in a place as naturally beautiful as Fiji. The Jean-Michel Cousteau resort is located on a stunning protected lagoon and is adjacent to a cove of indigenous mangroves. In addition to having an all-organic garden, the resort is also partnering with marine biologists to educate tourists on ways they can help preserve local wildlife.


Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

If you're a thrill-seeker and live life a little on the edge, book your stay at the recently renovated Shergarh Tented Camp in India. The camp is made up of six tents, a main house and two water reserves which are created naturally through two surrounding springs. The resort works with the adjacent Kanha Tiger Reserve to protect tigers and educate tourists about endangered species.


Laguna Lodge, Guatemala

Situated on the shore of Lake Atitlan sits the beautiful Laguna Lodge. The views of volcanoes and surrounding private nature reserve make this place a dream come true for tourists seeking sustainable luxury. The Lodge is built from indigenous and recycled materials, the toilets are cleaned without chemicals, all meals are meat- and preservative-free and the hot water is solar-powered.


Milia Mountain Retreat, Greece

The Milia Mountain Retreat, located on the beautiful Greek island of Heraklion, is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The hidden resort is a transformed 17th century settlement full of old world charm. The mountain retreat has implemented strict organic farming regulations and the limestone cliffs and mountains have been protected from erosion.


Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, China

This privately owned ecolodge is only an hour from the busy city of Guilin, but feels like it's a world away. The Yangshuo Mountain Retreat has no TVs or phones, but with the enchanting view of the Yuloung River and mountain peaks, you really won't need them. The resort is 100 percent sustainable and everything in the room is locally made (including the bamboo beds). The hotel also gives back to the local community by supporting local schools for kids with disabilities and mountain farmer initiatives.

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