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21 Fun crafts for the kids


Paper bag puppets

Paper bag puppets

Photo credit: Mom on Dealz

Never underestimate the power of the paper lunch bag. These fun puppets require only lunch bags, crayons, extra paper if desired and imagination. Kids can make puppets depicting whatever characters they like — and then put on a show!


Fake firefly lanterns

Fake firefly lanterns

Photo credit: Holidays Central

In some parts of the country, fireflies are a part of summer. But for those who aren’t so fortunate to live among them — or want the magic of the lighted critters year-round — fireflies can be faked with these firefly lanterns.


Dinosaur frames

Dinosaur frames
Photo credit: Hand Made Charlotte

The dinosaur enthusiast in your house will be tickled to give treasured figures a place of honor on the bedroom wall with these dinosaur frames. Using cardboard and markers, kids can be as creative as they’d like. Best of all, the finished product is hung using adhesive clay, so removal is easy and doesn’t scar walls.


Double-decker egg carton bus

double decker bus
Photo credit: Hart Craft

This fun double-decker bus is made from an egg carton cut in half. While you and your kids work on it, you can talk about where such buses are used, such as in London and as tour buses in the U.S.


Toilet-paper roll butterfly

Toilet paper roll butterfly
Photo credit: Krafty Kid

Make some cute toilet-paper roll butterflies with the kids to brighten any day. Googly eyes add a fun touch, but markers easily can be used to make eyes as well.


Decoupage map buckets

Decoupage map buckets
Photo credit: Squidoo

Use maps of the area where you live, or somewhere you’d like to go, and decoupage some metal buckets to use as wastepaper baskets or catchalls for sports balls, gloves or other small equipment.


Clothespin and freezer-pop stick airplanes

clothespin airplanes

Photo credit: Paint Me Plaid

A simple combination of clothespins and freezer-pop sticks makes great-looking DIY airplanes. Let kids paint them as they wish, then watch their imaginations soar.


Fringed popcorn bags

Firecracker popcorn bags

Photo credit: Family Chic

Colorful paper lunch bags cut with scissors (fringe scissors work especially well) make movie night more fun. These cute popcorn bags will be a big hit with everyone at the party, even if it’s just the family. And everyone gets a snack as a bonus!


Shark teeth

DIY shark teeth

Photo credit: Dollar Store Crafts

You’ll be singing the theme from Jaws while making this quick, easy and budget-friendly craft with the kids. Be ready for them to “chomp” away all day with these fun sets of shark teeth.


Sock octopus

sock octopus

Photo credit: Sassafras

Blogger Cassandra Pence at Sassafras says she originally made this fun toy with babies in mind, but it turns out her older son fell in love with this guy. A simple project that younger kids can help with (and older kids can do on their own), this creature can be as colorful as the old socks you use to make it.


All-American eagle T-shirt

All-American eagle t-shirt

Photo credit: Macaroni Kid

Your child’s footprint and two handprints are the foundation of the design on this DIY patriotic T-shirt, fun for all ages to make and wear all year-round.

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