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21 Fun crafts for the kids

Keep the kids busy and free from chanting, “I’m bored!” Fun and unusual crafts will make them — and you — happy.

The weekend doesn’t have to be two days of struggle. With just a few supplies and some creativity, the whole family will find fun creating something new.


Homemade wind socks

Home made wind socks

Photo credit: The First Grade Parade

Blogger and first-grade teacher Cara Carroll came up with this project to help her young students learn about weather. Kids love the hands-on, colorful project, she says.


Muffin-tin printing

Muffin tin printing
Photo credit: The Artful Parent

These muffin-tin prints can be done using one color of paint per cup or multiple colors. Blogger Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent says she got this idea from MaryAnn F. Kohl’s book Art with Anything.


Job-related crafts

Job-related crafts

Photo credit: Kiboomu! Kids Crafts

Why not have the kids do a craft showing what they’d like to be when they grow up? Whether it’s a first aid bag, police officer badge or other career choice, kids will enjoy letting their imaginations guide the project.


Leaf collection booklet

Leaf collection booklet

Photo credit: Holidays Central

Whether it’s green leaves in spring and summer, colorful leaves in the fall, or holly and pine in the winter, take the kids on a nature walk to collect leaves for a leaf booklet. Be sure to look for variations in size, color and texture.



Jobs collage

Photo credit: Chai Mommas

For younger members of the family, pick a theme, keep it simple and help the little ones make a collage. Get out old magazines, scissors and glue, and assist in choosing pictures that might fit the theme of “my family,” “my favorite things,” “pets,” or whatever might hold your child’s interest.




Photo credit: Making Lemonade

Grab some foam sheets in your favorite colors, some brads, scissors, a ruler and a pencil, and have the kids make some colorful lanterns as party decorations or just a fun pick-me-up for their rooms.


Salt-dough animals

salt dough animals
Photo credit: Wolf Creek Crafting

It takes only flour, salt and water to make the dough for these adorable animals. Kids can be creative as they’d like, but these ideas are a fun starting point. Blogger Marcy of Wolf Creek Crafting says kids can paint the animals after they’re baked. She also likes the unpainted look.


Easy button bracelets

Easy button bracelets
Photo credit: The Creative Place

The only supplies needed for these colorful bracelets: buttons of various colors and sizes, some elastic beading cord and a needle. This works best as a project for older kids.


Pom-pom wreath

Pom-pom wreath
Photo credit: Makeover Montage

Slightly more time-intensive, but with a fun result, is this colorful pom-pom wreath. Simply a straw wreath covered in pom-poms, it’s great for the outside of the front door in a covered entry or indoors for a pop of color.


Recycled CD spinners

diy CD spinners
Photo credit: Training Happy Hearts

Have old digital disks (CDs or DVDs) lying around? Use them to make fun spinners with the kids. All you’ll need is the disks, some hot glue or super glue, old magazines, markers, colored pencils or crayons to decorate them and soda bottle caps.

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