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12 DIY projects for candles


Nothing is better for cozying up the home than candles. You’ll be inspired to try these 12 easy projects to add warmth to your decor.

As the weather cools, it’s time add candles to your decorating repertoire. Whether you want to make candles from scratch or take store-bought candles and craft around them, these ideas will inspire you. And best of all, they’re easy to make.


Beeswax candlesticks

Beeswax candles

Photo credit: The Sweetest Occasion

Inexpensive tart tins and store-bought beeswax are the foundation for these cute candles, great to use in groupings or tuck into small spaces.


Teacup candles

tea cup candles

Photo credit: Apple Brides

Whether you have stray teacups from years gone by or pick some up at a thrift or consignment store, the lovely china heirlooms provide the foundation for one-of-a-kind candles.


Tidy in a tin

candle in a tin

Photo credit: Whit B Nimble

Yummy scented candles are just the thing for fall. This candle-in-a-tin boasts a vanilla scent, but you can choose your favorite variety at the craft store.


Easy printed candles

Printed candle

Photo credit: The Shabby Creek Cottage

They look like something from a swank boutique, but these lovely printed candles combine store-bought candles, text from a computer printer and a hair dryer to deliver professional-looking results.


Layered candles

Layered candle

Photo credit: Make Something Mondays!

If you have a lot of almost-used-up or unused candles around the house, this is a great way to repurpose them. Cinnamon candles can be made in just a few steps.


Floating candles

floating candles

Photo credit: Just a Pinch

At once casual and romantic, these floating candles utilize Mason jars and raffia ribbon for a beautiful effect. They’re very budget-friendly, too.

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