My craziest high school moment

Aug 1, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET

What’s the craziest thing you did in high school? Here, readers are sharing their over-the-top, totally insane moments!

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We all did things we regret in high school. We’ve had crazy experiences and some of us are probably just happy we survived. Though, I personally never did anything too over-the-top, I definitely didn’t always make the best decisions. But that’s what high school’s all about, right? It’s about being young and getting in trouble — living in the moment and having fun. Here, our readers are sharing their craziest high school moments!


Camping with my class…

I went camping with my high school class in NYC (not quite sure if any of us had ever been camping before) where we stayed out in the woods in tents for two nights. I went into the woods to use the restroom and realized I didn’t bring enough toilet paper. I ended up having to resort to wet leaves! Thankfully, no poison ivy, but definitely a night to remember! – Cari


Getting caught throwing parties…

Notoriously, every time my buddy’s dad went out of town (which was often), we would throw a huge party at his house. The next morning, we would spend hours cleaning and throwing everything out. Every single time, we would miss something and get caught. Whether it was a beer bottle cap under the sofa or a knick-knack placed on the wrong table, he always knew! – Trevor


Sneaking around with boys…

Every girl can probably relate to this one. I told my mom I was spending the weekend with a girlfriend, and my girlfriend told her mom she was spending the weekend with me. In reality, we were actually spending the weekend with our boyfriends in separate towns. We weren’t anywhere near each other the entire weekend. The plan worked — we never got caught! – Natasha


Rumors about sex…

Every year the senior class took a trip to Disney World for grad weekend. As soon as they came back, rumors would fly about who had sex. When our turn finally came, my friends and I came back disappointed because no one did anything crazy. I took the next day off from school and when school got out, my friends called and said, “Guess who was having all kinds of crazy sex at grad night this year?” I responded, “Who?” completely clueless. “Apparently, you were!” they exclaimed. Though this wasn’t true, I definitely felt special! – Erika


Surfing in 90 mph winds…

When I was a junior in high school, I went surfing in a hurricane. Just so you know I’m not completely crazy, I did let the winds die down from 140 mph to 90 mph. The waves were breaking at 20 feet and it was the ultimate thrill ride of my life. It was man against nature and that day, man won! Though I will say I’m very thankful to have survived. – John


Buying cigarettes dressed as a nun…

Our Catholic high school did a production of The Sound of Music my senior year and I played a singing nun. One night after a performance, I piled into a car with a bunch of friends (costume still on) to drive to a local hangout. I went inside and bought a pack of cigarettes from a vending machine and noticed I was getting shocked looks and comments from people passing by. My friends, of course, were all hysterical. That’s when I knew I loved making people laugh! – Carol

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