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10 Pet artists for Fido’s portraits



Sarah’s Canvas

Sarah's Canvas

Photo credit: Sarah’s Canvas

Growing up in Wyoming, Sarah Zarzour’s first dream was to become a vet. Unfortunately, with severe cat allergies, she realized that dream would not become a reality. So she became a pet portrait artist — and an excellent one. Check out her Facebook page to view her amazing gallery.


Slater Portraits

Slater Portraits

Photo credit: Teresa Slater

A self-taught artist, Teresa Slater of Slater Portraits has been practicing her craft since the tender age of 10. With a vast amount of experience, she has received many awards. She enjoys creating portraits of both pets and people in her studio in Kansas City.


Joe Larson Art and Stuff

Joe Larson art

Photo credit: Joe Larson

A Pennsylvania artist, Joe Larson specializes in portraits of the furry kind. With a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pennsylvania, Larson was inspired to paint animals when he fostered a little gray cat. His art and passion have grown over the years, resulting in full-fledged pet art and portraits.


Artistic Bulldog

Artistic Bulldog

Photo credit: Samantha Dellinger

Crazy about her bulldog, Samantha Dellinger is another artist residing in Pennsylvania. A professional graphic artist, Dellinger enjoys creating custom portraits of other pets as well as her adorable bulldog Diesel. Check out her Etsy site for more.


Debbie Sampson

Debbie Sampson

Photo credit: Debbie Sampson

Debbie Sampson not only paints oil portraits of adorable pets, but of a variety of sports! From baseball to horses, Sampson is one talented artist. Order a customized portrait for the pet lover in your life or piece from her website.

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