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12 Purr-fect reasons to dress up your cat

Looking for a reason to dress your cat up? You really don’t need one! But check out these adorable photographs of kitties in dresses, jackets and costumes. You’ll be happy you did.


Detective kitty

Cat dressed as a detective

Image source: Pop Kitten

You be Sherlock Holmes and I’ll be Watson. There are tons of mysteries to uncover!


Bundled-up kitty

Bundled up cat

Image source: Portland Mercy

Baby, it’s cold outside. Your cat wants to keep warm during those winter months, too.
An Eskimo jacket will do the trick.


Rainbow kitty

Rainbow cat

Image source: Cat Facts

Do these stripes bring out my eyes?


Lounging kitty

Cat in a hoodie

Image source: Pop Kitten

Because even your kitty knows that lazy Sundays in hoodies are the highlight of any weekend.


Bumblebee kitty

Cat dressed as a bee

Image source: Moo and Flo

Halloween wouldn’t be nearly as fun without wearing matching costumes with your furry best friend.


OG kitty

Hip cat

Image source: Unfinished Man

What up, dawg? I mean… cat? Yo, yo, yo!


Sleepy sweater kitty

Cat wearing a sweater

Image source: Pop Kitten

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty… purr, purr, purr.


Lucille Ball kitty

Cat dressed as Lucille Ball

Image source: Pet Office

Red is my color, right?!


Fairy-tale kitties

Cats dressed as princesses

Image source: Found Animals Chip

Even your kitties can be pretty, pretty princesses. Dress? Check.
Now all that’s needed is a good pair of shoes.


Oink oink kitty

Cat dressed as a pig

Image source: Ramblings of an Asparagus

Pig costume. Made from 95 percent adorable and 5 percent “Awww!” Dry-clean only.


Top hat kitty

Cat in a top hat

Image source: Save Me From Boredom

The name is Catsby, old sport!


Christmas kitties

Cat's wearing Christmas outfits

Image source: Flickr

Here’s a perfect Christmas card featuring two of Santa’s favorite elves!
He eats the cookies and we drink the milk — a purr-fect team.

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