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5 Things you should be buying at Target right now: Bags

Another week, another ode to Target. Here are five bags you should be buying at Target right now. Trust us.


The chic crossbody

chic crossbody bag from target

This crossbody wouldn’t look out of place at a high-end retailer or on Victoria Beckham’s sculpted arm. Buy it and revel in the fact that even if you don’t have Posh’s wardrobe (or husband), you have this bag and you only paid 60 bucks for it. (Target, $60)


The classic clutch

The classic clutch from target

This black clutch is so chic, so timeless, so everything, you’ll be using it for years to come. Yes, we just said “so everything.”  Some purses deserve that. (Target, $12)


The fashionable fringe

The fashionable fringe tote from target

This uber-bohemian fringe purse is perfect for a stroll through your local farmers’ market or a trip to the latest and greatest music festival. Wear it with a smile and a peace sign. (Target, $27)


The seafoam satchel

The seafoam satchel from target

Anything seafoam is OK with us, and this seafoam satchel is more than OK with us. (Target, $50)


The trendy tote

trendy tote from target

A tote for all occasions. The tote to end all totes. Totes the best tote. This tote inspires ridiculous catchphrases in us, and for that reason alone you should own it. Live, laugh, tote. (Target, $20)

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