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How to stay spring clean in the summer

There’s a pretty good chance you removed a few cobwebs and a lot of window grime back in March. Good for you. The bad news is that it’s the middle of the summer and every home in America is now full of dried grass, sand from the beach and grime from busy little summer-vacation hands (or some combination thereof). Bring back the clean of spring with these quick tips for summer cleaning.

Clean summer kitchen

Prevent nastiness

Show off your guns — caulking guns, that is

Filter your filth: If, somehow, dust and allergens make it past your impenetrable caulking and into your abode, make sure you’re using a good air-conditioning filter to reduce dust bunnies. As it turns out, a good filter is a just plain good idea to reduce harmful particles like bacteria and pollutants. Make sure to change yours every month.

According to A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, one of the best ways to maximize your cleaning is to employ a caulk gun. These experts recommend that you check and replace damaged caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows, including the entry door between your garage and home. This simple task can prevent the entry of pests and dust into the house, which will make you far more efficient (dare we say — smarter?). It also does a fantastic job of reducing energy loss.


Address summer-specific problems

Powder Pouch

Say buh-bye to sand

Sand castles, outdoor volleyball and frolicking at the beach all have their place, but that place should not be inside your home (since sand should never be part of your summer floor plan). If you’re tired of feeling grit beneath your perfectly pedicured summertime toes, use a Powder Pouch ($9) to slough off sand before coming inside.

Dirty grill

Let me see ya grill

The summer season is prime time for grilling every food that benefits from the kiss of flames, and that means your grilling surface is probably dirty by now. According to cleaning experts at The Maids, the easiest way to clean your grill is to turn the burners on high for five minutes, turn them off and then scrub the residue with a dry sponge. The goop will come right off.

NeatHome by Unger's microfiber ceiling fan duster

Reduce the poof

If your ceiling fan is covered in dust from disuse in the winter and spring, that dust will explode all over your house when you use your fan this summer. Reduce the poof with neatHome by Unger’s Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster (find it at Target, $10).


Get to know a few sweet products

Erase your problems

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Remember how we mentioned busy little summer-vacation hands in the intro? With children home over the summer, we bet there are extra fingerprints on the wall, extra crayon marks on the cabinets and extra grease stains on the sink (while heartwarming, these little marks probably aren’t part of your redesign inspiration). Erase that mess with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You’ll be floored by how effective it is at quickly removing gunk of all varieties. Buy an eight-pack at for under $8.

Steam your way to happiness

EnviroMate Brio

Last but certainly not least, unleash the power of steam to clean every surface in your house. We are serious. This EnviroMate BRIO steam cleaner can banish dirt and filth from tile, windows, floors, grills, upholstery and even carpeting. It also steams away wrinkles from drapes. It uses no harsh chemicals and does a bang-up job of addressing every cleaning task you can dream up. Once you use steam, you’ll never go back. It’s available on Amazon for $299.

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Which summer cleaning tip are you most likely to use in your home? Tell us in the comments below.

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