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Andy Murray’s girlfriend is the new Kate Middleton

Move over, Kate Middleton. The Brits are now obsessed with Kim Sears’ hairstyle.

Kim Sears

Kate Middleton fans are feeling her absence from the limelight — thanks to that whole royal baby thing — but it seems like they’ve found someone to take her place: Kim Sears.

The girlfriend of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray caused quite a stir from the stands, thanks to her always on-point style and luxe strands. It seems like everyone has Kim Fever right now — and it’s keeping U.K. stylists busy.

“Our customers regularly ask us to re-create the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities, and Kate is amongst those most requested,” stylist Charles Worthington told the U.K. Daily Mail. “But as the U.K. has been gripped watching Andy Murray on Centre Court, we’ve experienced an incredible uplift in requests for Kim Sears’ style, exceeding requests for other celebrities by over 50 percent.”

Why? Her hair is beautiful but attainable.

“Her natural, glossy hair is the perfect relaxed summer look,” Worthington continued. “Her style says girl next door, but with a little extra gloss and bounce.”

We’re just jealous of the color, but that’s attainable, too.

“The way to achieve this effortless colour is with balayage, a French technique,” stylist Sarah-Louise Okin told the Daily Mail. “The bleach is painted, freehand, through the hair rather than applied in foils.”

The end result is a natural color that “is lighter at the ends and looks as if it has been lightened by the sun. It’s a very low-maintenance way of doing color.”

The best part?

“You only need it done two or three times a year,” Okin told the newspaper.

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