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5 Impressive door handles to consider for your home

Chelsea Frisbie

Is it time to replace old locks with new ones to add safety and fashion to your home? Whether you’re thinking gold, brass or brushed nickel, there are tons of options for you. Check out some of our favorites.




This SimpliciKey lock looks like any other home exterior lock upon first glance. But when you get closer, you learn that the front panel slides up to reveal a keypad where you can enter a four-digit pass code. Under this cover is also a sensor that can read the key fob command to lock or unlock the door from up to 50 feet away. Both processes allow the user to bypass the usual routine of the key-in-lock mechanism. For people who often forget their keys, having a lock that grants the user access to their home by using a pass code or a key fob is fantastic. The sleek design and additional security of the hidden keypad is desirable for the cosmetic appearance of any home. (SimpliciKey, $250)


Schlage keypad cam

Schlage Keypad Cam

This Schlage keypad cam lock is No. 1 for convenience. If you’re looking to go outside to do yard chores or walk the dog without a key, look no further. The keypad allows you to enter in a code to enter your home hassle free. (Lowe’s, $129)


Lockey M230

Lockey M230

This lock does not require keys. For security, it automatically locks when your door closes, and it does not require a key to enter. Go keyless with the Lockey M230. (GoKeyless, $97)


Master Lock keypad deadbolt

This is not the Master Lock you used on your locker in junior high! Use this new Master Lock design on your front door for higher security. You could either use a key to enter or submit your pass code to gain access using the electronic keypad. NightWatch provides added security so you can opt to not allow access, even with the use of a key. (Home Depot, $90)


Defiant single-cylinder

Defiant Single Cylinder Polished Brass

This Defiant single-cylinder knob and lock is a great product if you’re looking for a simple lock and handle installation. The set comes with four keys for the knobs and all the hardware needed to install it yourself. There is a lifetime guarantee, and you’ll save tons of money by not using a locksmith. Most importantly, it’s a reliable brand. (Home Depot, $30)

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