Top apps for school year scheduling

Jul 30, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. ET
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Use your smart phone to stay on top of hectic school schedules. We've got the best new apps for keeping you and your family organized this school year.

1. The Mom App

THe Mom App


Create your child's personal profile in your phone using The Mom App. Used to store each child's personal school schedule, activities, insurance information and personal contacts, this app makes it easy to organize information for each member of your family. Not only does The Mom App organize your children's information and school schedule individually, it also provides an area to organize your own schedule. A place to put your shopping list, favorite recipes and daily tasks, moms will love this all-in-one app.

Price: 99 cents

Bonus: There is also the Dad App for your husband, you can share and sync up tasks together.

2. KangaDo: Parent Organizer

Kanga Do: Parent Organizer


Organize your children's school schedule, childcare, and play dates with the KangaDo: Parent Organizer. Easy to share with other members of the family and child caregivers, parents can sync the app to Facebook to share needed and wanted information. With a section to accept carpool and play date requests, parents can then sync the date directly to their calendar for upcoming reminders and notifications. This app is perfect for parents of younger children, any time of the year.

Price: Free

3. Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents

family calendar for busy parents


Perfect for an iPhone family, the Skedi ~ Family Calendar for Busy Parents allows every member of the family to sync their calendar into one place. Using the cloud, the app stores everybody's information to allow accessibility at any time. Like an Outlook calendar, moms and dads can see where a child is at any time, or if there's any amount of time blocked out. Share tasks and activities using delegation settings when creating each event. The most expensive app on the list, this app is worth the price for busy moms who like to keep on top of each person's schedule. Great for moms with preteens and high school students with busier schedules.

Price: $9.99

4. Carpool — School Edition

carpool - school edition


Carpooling just became a lot easier this school year! With the Carpool — School Edition app, parents and kids can set schedules for needed carpool on a calendar and share it with all of the members. Users have the ability to set driver preferences, manually and automatically schedule times and email updated schedules to the carpool group. Fast, easy and much more simple than arranging everybody's schedules via emails or tons of phone calls, this app will ease carpool stress this school year.

Price: Free

5. MommyTaxi

mommy taxi


Another carpool app, MommyTaxi coordinates with iPhones to know the exact location of your child. Simple to use, you decide who can see where little Johnny is on any given day to ensure that he is picked up. With the app, moms can coordinate carpool pickups and notify parents when their child has safely been picked up with auto texts. As with the Carpool app, communication is done easily through the app to avoid lost emails or texts.

Price: Free

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