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Top 20 Pinterest projects to update your home

Keep your home looking fab with these updates from Pinterest!

A little can go a long way! These do-it-yourself home updates from Pinterest will keep your home looking fresh. Break out your tool belt and get to work!


Open shelving

Open shelving

Image courtesy of Lauren from One Lucky Pickle

There’s no need to keep things hidden in your cabinets! Bring those pretty dishes out into the open, as Lauren from One Lucky Pickle did.


Update hardware

New faucet

Image courtesy of Andrea from Keeping It Cozy

A little new hardware can make a big difference! Andrea over at Keeping It Cozy added a new faucet and changed the whole look of her sink.


Change your front door

Lively Green Door

Image courtesy of Lively Green Door

Your front door is the first thing guests see when they visit. Make a great first impression by giving your front door a new coat of paint, as they did over at Lively Green Door.


Paint your cabinets

Paint your cabinets

Image courtesy of Emily from Decorchick

Emily from Decorchick painted her cabinets white and instantly brightened her whole kitchen.


Refinish furniture

Refinished furniture

Image courtesy of Blue Cricket Design

Old furniture is given a whole new look with just a coat of paint. Learn the process and see some before-and-afters over at Blue Cricket Design.


Build a fridge cabinet

Fridge cabinet

Image courtesy of Keeping It Cozy

A great fridge is a must-have in any kitchen, but it’s a large appliance and sometimes difficult to blend in with the rest of your room. Take a cue from Keeping It Cozy and build a cabinet around your fridge to help it blend in with your decor as well as to create extra storage. Complete the look with the Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator from LG and take advantage of hosting more chilled items than ever with LG’s ingenious door-within-a-door feature. (LG, $3,500)


Make an accent wall

Accent wall

Image courtesy of Megan from Balancing Home

Sometimes a room just needs a focal point. Add an eye-catching accent wall to spice up your room. Megan from Balancing Home chose a gray chevron design to give her room a totally modern look.


Remove those doors

Remove those doors

Image courtesy of Rene’ from Bargain Hoot

Open shelving in a kitchen is a big step. Save some time and money by simply removing your cabinet doors, the way Rene’ did over at Bargain Hoot. It’s cheaper, the look is similar and you can always reattach the doors if you change your mind.


Frame it!

Framed mirror

Image courtesy of Blue Cricket Design

A plain bathroom mirror is just that — plain and boring! Add an update (and a ton of class!) by framing a builder-grade mirror, just as they did over at Blue Cricket Design.


Make a splash!


Image courtesy of From Our Place to Yours

A beautiful backsplash instantly upgrades a basic kitchen. Find out the easy way to get it done at From Our Place to Yours.


Paint a rug

Painted rug

Image courtesy of Thrifty & Chic

If your old rugs leave you feeling a little blah, don’t shell out for new ones! Give the old ones a new look with a little paint, just the way they did over at Thrifty & Chic.


Paint the ceiling

Painted ceiling

Image courtesy of Kristen from Kristen F. Davis Designs

Why does all the beauty in a room have to come from the walls down? Follow the example set by Kristen of Kristen F. Davis Designs and add some life to your ceiling.


Paint your counters

Painted counter

Image courtesy of Lidy from French Garden House

Replacing kitchen counters costs a bunch, so make a dramatic change without taking a bite out of your wallet — by painting your counters! Lidy over at French Garden House will show you exactly how it’s done.


Make new curtains

New curtains

Image courtesy of Thrifty & Chic

New curtains are a quick way to give your home a fresh pop of color. Save a bundle by making your own. Not a seamstress? No problem! Thrifty & Chic shows you how to make your own curtains with no needle and thread required.


Hidden pops of color

Pops of color

Image courtesy of Pretty Handy Girl

Pops of color work well when they’re subtle. Pretty Handy Girl painted her walls and cabinets a neutral shade but added bright fabric to the backings of her open cabinets.


Paint your hardware

Painted doorknob

Image courtesy of Lively Green Door

Those shiny brass doorknobs are so yesterday! You can easily give the hardware all over your house a new look by adding a coat of paint. Over at Lively Green Door, they did their whole house and got a fresh, new look in a snap.


Paint your floor

Painted floor

Image courtesy of The Eagle’s Nest

You’ve heard of painting walls, cabinets and maybe even ceilings. But the floor? You bet! They did it over at The Eagle’s Nest and got great results!


Fake wainscoting

Fake wainscoting

Image courtesy of Decorchick

Wainscoting instantly gives your home a high-end look, but the cost is pretty high-end too. Learn how to fake it from Decorchick.


Add a chalkboard


Image courtesy of Hello Newman’s

Chalkboards aren’t just for classrooms anymore. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll love having one in your kitchen — and we don’t mean a tiny, framed one. Go big or go home, just as they did at Hello Newman’s when they painted a full wall and turned it into a chalkboard.


Add some glass

Glassed-in cabinets

Image courtesy of Hello Newman’s

Adding glass to your cabinet doors changes the look completely. Hello Newman’s can show you how to get it done for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

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