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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Cher and Jennifer Lawrence

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Cher and Jennifer Lawrence’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Cher and the the grand opening of Q Thursdays


Sure, Cher is a major legend but this outfit is legendarily awful! The singer chose this Gladiator-meets-goth getup for the grand opening of Q Thursdays at Marquee Nightclub in New York City. Q Thursdays is the new gay night at the Big Apple hotspot and we can only imagine what the gays had to say about this heinous outfit!

When most people go clubbing in NYC, they wear something sexy and sequined that shows some skin. Oh, and did we mention temps there have been around 90 degrees lately? So why Cher would be completely covered up in long sleeves and leather leggings in the middle of summer is beyond us. We also can’t understand why she’s wearing a skirt over the top of her pants… and don’t get us started on those combat boots.

The final verdict? The 67-year-old singer is still in amazing shape at her age, so she should be flaunting her fabulous figure. When in doubt, stick to glitter and sequins for gay night and you’re guaranteed to hit a sartorial high note.

Jennifer Lawrence in Paris for Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence

We just love us some Jennifer Lawrence, so it hurts us to see her make such a fashion faux pas. The hottie from The Hunger Games is currently in Paris for Fashion Week and we’d like to nominate whoever let her out of the house in this disaster for the arena themselves.

Jen, who’s the face of Christian Dior, wore this odd ensemble as she walked the streets of Paris. Those oversized palazzo pants have got to go! They’re way too wide and the strange stripe down the side just adds to their awkwardness. And let’s talk about the midriff top… Sure, Jen’s got a great figure but this crop top is poorly fitted and appears longer on one side than the other.

The final verdict? J. Law usually looks fierce so we’re not sure what happened to her here. She did randomly run into Rihanna during dinner in Paris, so maybe she borrowed some of her wardrobe castoffs? Please stick to what works and don’t start taking style advice from Riri, Jen!

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